Apply for Coaching

Apply for coaching with Steve Shaw - Massive Iron LLC/Super Living LLC.

This is a complete hands-on service. I customize everything 100% to your goals, equipment, injury history, etc. There are NO cookie-cutter programs or templates.

Communication is daily (including most weekends) and through my private APP. Clients also have access to my private forum.

Minimum commitment for coaching is three months. If you have any questions before you sign up please email: Before completing this form please sign up here:

All abilities and skill levels welcomed.

Muscle and Strength coaching includes:

  • Customized program and programming changes. If you decide to switch directions or want to try a new program that comes with the service.
  • Form checks. Clients can submit 1-2 form check videos PER DAY. No permission required.
  • Progress monitoring. Arm and leg size will be monitored monthly. Weight will be checked Monday and Friday. For those of you bulking I will MAKE SURE your weight gain is slow and controlled. No fat gain bulks with this service.
  • Unlimited interactions. All messaging occurs through the chat section of my app. You can submit messages, videos, photos, files, and more.
  • Nutrition guidance. My app auto-connects with My Fitness Pal allowing us to monitor daily food intake and make any needed adjustments.

Fat Loss coaching includes:

All of the above, plus calorie targets, accountability, help with recipes and food choices, and a focus on lifestyle change and sustainable weight loss.

Fat loss coaching is based around your eating habits. You will NOT be provided with some generic meal plan template.


All clients are required to:

  1. At least track daily calories and protein through the My Fitness Pal app. If you do not have this app them screenshots of daily calories/nutritional information must be submitted daily.
  2. Submit workout logs. No exceptions. The "STRONG" app is recommended but not required. You can also send pictures of pen and paper logs, etc. 
  3. Provide workout feedback.
  4. Provide information on food choices and status on habits the client is working on.


  • No-nonsense guidance that works if you work it.
  • Custom workouts and nutritional targets.
  • Form help.
  • Daily accountability.
  • Access to my private forum (even after you leave the service).
  • Access to the Supplement Engineer Robert Schinetsky for advice on supplements.
  • Running plans if you are interested in that pursuit.
  • Results.