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Ongoing weight loss and workout coaching that includes complete diet analysis, unlimited interaction, and a monthly 30-minute video or phone call.

This is a complete hands-on service. I will be there to help and guide you each and every day.

Stay on track without using fad diets. I will assist you with transitioning into a new lifestyle that works with existing eating habits. The focus is on not only fat loss and longevity but also learning how to create new eating habits that will last you a lifetime.

This coaching service also comes with a FREE once-a-month personal training class for residents near the Loveland/Cincinnati, Ohio area. Classes are TBD and will appear as events on the Super Living Facebook Group.

* Three-month minimum commitment. No refunds. It is the client's responsibility after the first three months to declare if they'd like to discontinue the coaching.


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  • Hey there, I’ve watched your channel for the last few years (through Alan’s channel); however, I never committed to anything (of yours). I seem to bounce between programs, gradually losing strength, but continuing to slowly drop in weight. At this point I’m sitting at 202 and 22ish bf. I guess something you said in your interview with Fazlifts struck a chord. Maybe it’s time to stop with the perma-cut and look for something else. TBH 1600 cals is just no fun and the weight isn’t coming off. So, can you tell me a bit about your routine build up (generally speaking). How do you incorporate strength + running, and how long are the sessions?

    Everythign is custom designed based on your goals, gym equipment, etc. I build a custom workotu schedule with you. Nothing is cookie cutter. I am with my clients daily for unlimited communication and adjustments, making sure youa re healthy, happy, and getting results.

  • Does the weight loss coaching include training programming?

    Yes. Absolutely. All goals are tailored to the indidivual. We talk on the phone, and I set up training, nutrition, etc.

  • I am 6'3" / 218lbs, currently doing a barbell centered program in my garage. I do want to get down closer to 200 lbs, but I don't think I need extreme weight loss. Should I sign up for this or the strength coaching, or does it not matter? I want some lifting advice and diet coaching as well.

    Strength coaching is fine. We can talk goals and we'll structure everything to fit them.

  • Hi Big hairy ugly guy. I would like to lose weight & make lifestyle changes to my eating habit. Ive been doing stronglifts for 8 weeks now and that has been consistent. My eating has been on and off. I am now eating pre made meals which keep me on track with portion sizes etc. I do need some form check, also I am unsure how much food I am meant to be eating to lose weight. So can you help me with macro’s, form check on some excercises, diet plans and provide other workout routines? Because Stronglifts is getting kinda boring. I have my own equipment at home and I also have access to a gym. Would love to hear your feedback.

    My coaching is a complete hands-on service. I am with clients daily. We do everything. Training. Nutrition. Form. You name it.

  • What’s the difference between this course and the fast start course?

    The fast start is 100% real foods and no excuses. It's a 30-day bootcamp.

  • Is your coaching 80 bucks per month? Or 80 for 3 months? Because of the 3 month minimum

    $80 a month with a 3-month commitment.

  • I started lifting in January. I'm 5'10" and was 300 lbs. Was relying on a cane due to an old back injury I had never fully recovered from when I started, but no longer need it. I'm 42, now at a 250 bench, 160 standing press, 405 squat and 405 deadlift, and want to trim down. (I think my deadlift lags because my posterior chain was weak when I started). I'd like help getting to a more reasonable bmi, and wanted to know if you'd be comfortable working with someone with my injury history and vegan diet.

    Absolutely. My main goal is to help you transition to a new lifestyle that is sustainable. Veganism certainly falls within that realm.

  • Hello Steve, I am a fire fighter and I never know when I will be able to eat so I think bringing premade meals would be great for me. If I know my macros I can make my meals and already have them set up for me that way I am not eating out or crappy food. Is that something you can help with I also have some fitness goals as well.

    Yes, absolutely. I can help you build meals that are healthy and tasty based upon the foods you enjoy to eat.

  • How are you doing? My name is Naveen Thomas, aged 43 from NY. I would like to learn some exercises with the proper form. I am getting trained for squats, deadlifts , overhead press and benchpress under a person. However, I would like to learn romanian deadlifts and some ab exercises. Can you teach me the form via video. How can I buy that option. Please let me know.

    I can do exercise form assessment. I have that service on the site. Once you purchase the service, I will contact you and you can send me videos. I will provide you with detailed feedback on mistakes and ways to improve. Email me with questions: bendthebarman@gmail.com

  • Hi Steve, would like to buy this service. My question is as follows. Is 80 dollars the price for 3 months, or is 80 dollars billed per month for 3 months. Another question is I am trying to get lean and get abs for the last 1.5 years still consume less than maintainance and workout 3 days a week. Which service should I subscribe to. Confused between the different services. I am the same guy who asked you on YouTube about the bulk or cut assessment service.

    You sign up for "quantity:1" and are billed each month for 3 months in a row.

    If you want a complete, hands-on coaching service where I help you with your eating on daily basis, then the coaching service is correct. If you want some more simple diet advice, then choose the "diet assessment."

    If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at: bendthebarman@gmail.com