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A Better Push, Pull, Legs?

Is this a better variant? You decide the answer to this question.

With this variation, I simply took the basic push, pull, legs program and remodeled it into the following structure:

  • Push A - Chest-focused w/delts and triceps
  • Push B - Delt-focused w/chest and triceps
  • Pull A - Horizontal row-focused w/biceps
  • Pull B - Vertical row/pull-focused w/biceps
  • Legs A - Quad-focused w/hamstrings
  • Legs B - Hams/glutes-focused w/quads

The workout possibilities for this structure are endless so don’t feel like this example workout is the be-all, end-all. Swap in your preferred exercise choices as needed.


Ask a Question
  • Hi there! So as far as I am getting it this routine is very flexible, i.e. you can run it anywhere from 3-6x/week (me personally would probably be 3-5x/week)?

    That's correct. You can insert rest days as needed.

  • Hie. Is dumbbell shoulder alright instead of machine shoulder press? I don't have access to a machine shoulder press. And is hip thrust machines fine or is it better to learn hip thrust with a barbell?

    DB press is fine. As long as you have a good mix of exercises. As far as hip thrusts go with convenience and a machine first and once you have a history with machines decide if you want to try a barbell.

  • Is this a 6 day routine Steve?

    You can run this 4-5-6 days a week. It's a flexible routine.