Muscle/Strength Coaching - 3 Month Committment

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Ongoing workout coaching based on your needs. This service will help you build a better workout plan, and get the most out of your training.

Steve Shaw will monitor your training progress and interact with you on a daily basis. You will complete and unlimited access, and are able to submit questions, inquires about training issues and changes, and get help with exercise form.

Eating plan advice is also included.

This service gives you unparalleled access to powerbuilding and strength coach Steve Shaw. Whether you want to build size, strength, both - or just gain weight, personalized assistance will be only a message away.

Maximize your results today and take away the doubt. Let Steve Shaw help you to maximize your results.


* Three-month minimum commitment. No refunds.


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  • I am currently working through Starting Strength. I love the program and want to ride it out as long as I can (linear is more important than the specific program). That being said I am 41 years old 191 pounds and my goal is to get strong. My lifts right now are squat 3x5 at 230 pounds, overhead press 3x5 at 115 bench 3x5 at 3x5 at 175, and deadlift 1x5 at 285. I have been taking Redcon MRE once a day to help supplement my diet but I also do not count macros as I should. I eat pretty healthy but just haven't been much for counting calories. In short, I thought about subscribing to your 3-month program and wanted to hear your thoughts.

    My main concern with diet is consistency, meaning that you aren't really undereating one day and overeating the next. The more consistent the intake, the better.

    If you are interested in learning more, send me a text at 513-649-2666 and we can set up a time to talk. Thanks!

  • Hey Steve, I know you have already touched on workout frequency but I'm still struggling with this debate. I'm 40 yrs old, been lifting for almost 20 yrs... Everything I read states bro splits are a waste of time and are "not optimal" due to the low frequency. I find myself trying doing 3 day splits Chest/Back, shoulders/arms, legs over 5 days. In about 4 weeks, I'm smoked.. it seems like too much to hit into a workout when the weight gets heavy. My energy dives by the time I get to my third exercise. I know it's good to challenge yourself and sometimes its necessary to get results, but I just dont last long on these high frequency programs. I tend to gravitate towards 5 day bro splits. I find them manageable, more focus, quicker, sustainable, I even have time for cardio afterwards. I also just find them more enjoyable! But I also want results, so I try to follow the research and 99%of the information. Everyone hates on chest day, back day etc.. According to your advice , having a reasonable amount of volume, applying progressive overload and sticking to it is what matters so it shouldn't matter what program you do. Just dont understand why I have this mental block with just training the way I enjoy. Thanks!

    There is no "optimal" over the long run. It all evens out in the end. Do what you love, use a good exercise election, be consistent, and get a lot stronger than you are now.

  • I am interested in your coaching. I am a 61 year old former competitive natural bodybuilder and have had success for many years. I am curious as to whether I can use resistant bands to continue with muscle gains. I have light to XX Heavy bands and can do all the compound movements with them. Thanks Steve.

    I could design a rest-pause program with resistance bands, but it would be more optimal to incorporate dumbbells and bodyweight work. It's something we could certainly talk about.

  • Big fan of your youtube channel. I am 53 diabetic with both rotator cuffs operated on a few years back. I am a police officer, husband and father. 6' 225lbs. I returned to the gym back in september after many years off. My wife and I are doing it together. I have been doing a three (3) day a week routine. I have seen decent progress in density and feeling of fullness in my muscles. No noticable size change but I feel more solid. My concern is my routine. Can you offer any guidance? I will list the routine below. I do this same routine Mon,Wed,Fri... Stretching, 3x12 Bench Press Machine, 3x12 dumbell incline press, 3x12 Pec deck, 3x12 dumbell Arnold Press, 3x12 Machine lateral raise, 3x12 Machine Lat pulls, 3x12 Machine seated rows, 3x12 machine back extensions, 3x12 machine leg press, 3x12 machine leg extensions, 3x12 machine seated leg curls, 3x12 calf raises... All machines at our gym are Nautilus machines. Any help or thoughts are welcome..Thank you for reading...

    Thanks for your support.

    As far as routines, I can definitely help. I offer both a complete hands-on powerbuilding coaching service that includes a custom workout design or a one-time custom workotu design service that does not involve coaching but will guide you on how to maximize progress for your goals.

  • Hi Steve : I need a second opinion here . I’m 59 years old and have been on starting strength for 1 year and 2 months now . I’m in the heavy grinding phase . I’m getting strong as hell ; however, the price my body is paying , in joint pain , insomnia , etc , anger , I’m pissed off all the time , I don’t want to go into the gym . I’m in pain 24/7 . Hot flashes , etc . But I’m getting stronger ... is this how it’s supposed to be . I’m not enjoying life anymore . Since I have been on SS , I have not had a break in training , no deload , no rest . Does it have to be this way . I’m miserable . Your thoughts? Thx Tony

    No, this is not how it's supposed to be. While compound movements are beneficial, it's obvious at this point you need a more manageable workout structure. While Starting Strength is a decent program, you need to consider a program that treats you better. This may involve some intensity cycling and/or even a slightly less intense frequency.

  • Steve, Really appreciate your channel. I am a 51 year "Skinny Guy" working my way toward the gym minimums of 225 bench, 315 squat and 405 dead lift. You have taught me a lot already since I started subscribing to your channel. Hope you can answer this one question. Deadlifting...I prefer the feel or kinetics of dead lifting with the trap bar over a regular straight bar. Pros and Cons I should be aware of? What is your preference and why?

    Thanks for your support. Email this question to me if you don't mind. I can give a more detailed answer. Thanks!

  • Doesn't building size and strength kind of go hand in hand.. Or I'd building size different than strength? I mean I would want to get stronger but want the size to show it..

    Yes, but lifters are at different stages. Some powerlifters, for example, need off-season and peaking programs or only help with peaking.

    Most of my clients are like you. My programs are powerbuilding. They help with size and strength.

  • I currently have a program I am running. It fits my schedule, and has exercises I enjoy doing (plus I'm limited as I work from home). Same for nutrition, I have a plan and track things on myfitnesspal and it seems to be going good so far. My question is this, can we use my current training system/schedule as a starting point and build/modify from there, or do you prefer to start from scratch when taking on new clients?

    Absolutely. I work with my client's preferences and make suggestions to refine the existing eating and workout rather than completely change it.

  • Hi Steve i have been with many big online coaches before and really felt like my progarms were a copy and paste job and the coaching didn't feel very personal ! How personal is your coaching ? Also will u be selecting what weight for me to us for my lifts ? Thanks in advance for the reply

    I am not a copy and paste coach. I understand your concern. I make each program based on your needs, goals, and equipment. I provide you with a progress roadmap and interact with you daily to see how you are doing.

    I talk to my clients daily and they have 24/7 access for any questions, form issues, etc.

    If interested email me. We can set up a time to talk.

  • Hey Steve I don’t which one I would need but I’m having a hard time building muscle and I was wondering if you could help me Thanks Jerry

    I can absolutely help. 

  • on your youtube said you have a 25 buck first month special but I don't see it on muscle/strength coaching?????

    Sorry for the confusion. This deal has a HIDDEN link. It can be found here =>

  • it says its a 3 month minimum is that a one time payment or monthly payment?

    Choose "Quantity: 1"

    This is a recurring payment of $80 per month that is taken out each month for three months.

  • Steve. If I follow everything here 100% will I see results? I've been promised results before and have been let down many times. I want to powerlift and I need help with how to eat for the sport and training for the sport.

    Absolutely. The hardest part of coaching is to find individuals that will follow a plan and trust a plan.

    I've helped thousands of folks over the years, through articles, videos, an coaching. Those that do the work see the results.

    I'm not magic, but I can help people find better, and more efficient solutions.

  • Is this service available for out of state? I live in Pennsylvania but would like the ciaching advice.

    Hi Jeff.

    Absolutely. I work on a daily basis with clients as far away as India, Saudi Arabia, and Greece. They send me form videos, questions, and meals. I do everything from buildign a workout to helping them with meal planning.

  • 1. Should I alternate deadlifts and rack pulls or is it safe to do both on my pull day? 2. Is there a difference in muscle activation between below and above the knee?

    Hi Clay,

    For specific questions not related to this service, I encourage you to join the Massive Iron community on Facebook. Outside of my coaching services and assistance, this is the best way to get answers to specific questions: