Custom Workout Design + Complete Goals Assessment

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Tired of mediocre results? Unsure of how to structure a workout plan for optimal results? Stop wasting your time today.

Let Steve Shaw perform a complete analysis of your goals, available equipment, and current progress and design a workout that will help you enter the gym with confidence and smash through plateaus.

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This service includes:

  • Custom workout based upon your needs, equipment, goals, injuries, trying time, preferred split, etc.
  • A complete goals assessment which will outline the path forward over the next two years. You will be presented with an outline of how to eat, bulk, cut, etc. so that after a 1-2 year period of time you will have a chance at efficiently reaching your body composition goals.

Custom workouts are designed to be run for an extended period of time. They will not punish your body, nor will a program be filled with gimmicks or non-essential nonsense.

Maximize your gym time and results while staying as healthy and efficient as possible. I will design a program based on your preferred:

  • Exercise selection
  • Volume preferences
  • Desired split
  • Specific muscle, strength, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or powerbuilding goals
  • Conditioning or fat loss goals

Note: Once you purchase this service, an email will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. You will be provided a list of required information. Return this via email.

Once returned you will receive a complete program with ONE BUSINESS WEEK.

After you have received your program, you have unlimited follow-up questions for a month and access to one program redesign should you be unsatisfied. 


Ask a Question
  • do you work with 70 year old power lifter trying to up your bench and dead lifts. 214 bench 330 dead in competition but at plateau . work out in garage gym with dumbbells and power bar 400 lbs competition bench and no squat rack pull up bar. spotters for bench reverse hyper home made.

    I'd be glad to help. I've assisted teens, Special Olympians, and many in their 60s and 70s.

  • Will your workout plans help someone new who only has a Planet Fitness membership?

    Yes. I can build a plan for any goal or gym.

  • Do you factor in age to programs? I have seen two schools of thought on heavy vs high rep programs for men over 50, do you have experience in this area

    Absolutely. I am nearly 52. I consider all variables and am very aware of recovery and various other limitations based on age and experience.