Muscle/Strength Coaching

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Ongoing workout coaching based on your needs. This service will help you build a better workout plan, and get the most out of your training.

Steve Shaw will monitor your training progress and interact with you on a daily basis. You will complete and unlimited access, and are able to submit questions, inquires about training issues and changes, and get help with exercise form.

Eating plan advice is also included.

This service gives you unparalleled access to powerbuilding and strength coach Steve Shaw. Whether you want to build size, strength, both - or just gain weight, personalized assistance will be only a message away.

Maximize your results today and take away the doubt. Let Steve Shaw help you to maximize your results.


* Three-month minimum commitment. No refunds.


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  • on your youtube said you have a 25 buck first month special but I don't see it on muscle/strength coaching?????

    Sorry for the confusion. This deal has a HIDDEN link. It can be found here =>

  • it says its a 3 month minimum is that a one time payment or monthly payment?

    Choose "Quantity: 1"

    This is a recurring payment of $80 per month that is taken out each month for three months.

  • Steve. If I follow everything here 100% will I see results? I've been promised results before and have been let down many times. I want to powerlift and I need help with how to eat for the sport and training for the sport.

    Absolutely. The hardest part of coaching is to find individuals that will follow a plan and trust a plan.

    I've helped thousands of folks over the years, through articles, videos, an coaching. Those that do the work see the results.

    I'm not magic, but I can help people find better, and more efficient solutions.

  • Is this service available for out of state? I live in Pennsylvania but would like the ciaching advice.

    Hi Jeff.

    Absolutely. I work on a daily basis with clients as far away as India, Saudi Arabia, and Greece. They send me form videos, questions, and meals. I do everything from buildign a workout to helping them with meal planning.

  • 1. Should I alternate deadlifts and rack pulls or is it safe to do both on my pull day? 2. Is there a difference in muscle activation between below and above the knee?

    Hi Clay,

    For specific questions not related to this service, I encourage you to join the Massive Iron community on Facebook. Outside of my coaching services and assistance, this is the best way to get answers to specific questions: