Massive Mass - Muscle Building Workout Course

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 I’m pretty darn excited about this workout system. It’s my BIGGEST training protocol since the incredibly successful and popular Power, Muscle, Burn/Block.

Massive MASS (Muscle and Strength System) is primarily a hypertrophy/muscle building training approach that focuses on a tight and controlled progressive overload approach. Nothing is wasted with MASS; every set counts and then some.

Many of you are familiar with the Rep Goal System, which was featured in my original book Massive Iron. Massive Mass bridges the gap between the Rep Goal System and many of my powerbuilding workouts, while mixing in a slight form of intensity periodization, to provide you with one of my best muscle building protocols yet.

The following workout splits are included in this PDF:

  • 4 day body part split - Commercial gym
  • 4 day body part split - Home gym
  • 4 day MICRO body part split - Commercial gym
  • 4 day MICRO body part split - Home gym
  • 4 day upper/posterior split - Commercial gym
  • 4 day upper/posterior split - Home gym
  • 5 day body part split (w/Arm day) - Commercial gym
  • 3 day full body workout - Commercial gym


    NOTE: This is a course and not a full book. It contains 8 sample workouts.


    Ask a Question
    • Hi Steve, I'm eyeing the "home gym" versions of the program. Can I run these if my equipment is limited to: barbell, plates, flat/incline bench, power cage with pull-up bar and DIY-pulley-system? Small space, so I could not even do any distance carries, etc. Thanks for all that you do.

      I put together the home gym versions with dumbbells, but if you're missing anything it will be pretty easy to slot in quality alternatives. Once you grab it if you need help check my "WhatsApp" link on Instagram or DM me on Instagram.

    • Are the reverse lunges total reps or reps per leg?


    • I got dbs, Barbell, Low row, Pullups station etc can I run the programs?

      Yes. You can run the program with any equipment

    • Hi Steve, is this sent via email as from the UK please Thanks Craig

      Yes. If you ordered and can't find it check the spam. If you still can't find it email me @