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NOTE: Anyone that previously purchased the Massive Iron Course Collection will receive this for FREE.

MASSIVE IRON. The life work of Steve Shaw.

Every word. Every workout. Every philosophy. Over 500,000 words.

The Massive Iron Collection is a series of 18 books that contain the boiled-down essence of over 2,200 videos and 1,000 articles. Years of content have been meticulously combed through to present the LARGEST LIFTING SERIES that has ever been.

Each book will be available for individual purchase.

Purchased individually the Massive Iron Collection would total over $380. Take advantage of this exclusive pre-order and SAVE.

Take advantage of the pre-order and receive each individual book as they are released. All books are currently completed and in the editing process. The tentative release date for the ENTIRE SERIES is October 13th, 2020. Individual books will be released one-by-one months before. 

Upon release, the Massive Iron Collection will be priced at $249. Save today.

The collection:

Massive Arms

Massive Fat Loss

Massive Squats

Massive Back

Massive Legs

Massive Strength

Massive Bench Press

Massive Motivation

Massive Techniques

Massive Chest

Massive Muscle

Massive Training

Massive Calves

Massive Nutrition

Massive Traps

Massive Deadlift

Massive Shoulders

Massive Workouts


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  • Can I get just massive arms?

    Yes. When the series is released each book will be available for individual purchase.