COMPLETE Massive Iron Course Collection

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This purchase will provide you COMPLETE access to the growing Massive Iron course collection by Steve Shaw.

NOTE: Not all of these books have been released. When they are released you will be emailed a digital copy of each PDF.

This is a temporary list of books to be released. Addition books WILL be added.

THIS IS A TREMENDOUS VALUE. Each book retails for $7.99. Purchasing this series individually would coast you over $150.

--Power Muscle Block
--Full Body
--Upper Lower
--Body Part Split
--Density and Strength
--Block Training
--Density Training
--Home Gym Training
--Barbell-Only Training
--Dumbbell-Only Training
--Novice Plans

--Bench Press

--Chest Training
--Back Training
--Shoulder Training
--Arm Training
--Leg Training
--Traps and Calves

--Book of Challenges
--Book of Finishers



Ask a Question
  • I bought this expecting to receive notifications of when new additions will be made. When will the new courses be ready and how do I access them?

    The first book will be released in October.

  • The collection is sold out. Will it be available again or has this ship sailed forever?

    I'm releasing a much bigger collection this year.

  • Is the Massive Iron "Rep Goal System" Book included?


  • So what ISN'T included from your writings?

    Everything I write is included.