Massive Iron 5x5 Training Template

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This is a spreadsheet that allows you to pick exercises and track progress for the Massive Iron 5x5 Workout:

  • Upper A
  • Posterior A
  • Upper B
  • Posterior

NOTE: This includes ONLY the 5x5 template. No refunds.

Included with the training template spreadsheet is an instruction document. Please read it before beginning.

You are able to choose from the STANDARD TEMPLATE or BUILD YOUR OWN WORKOUT.

This is highly customizable and perfect for the late beginner and beyond that wants to pack on muscle and add strength. It features a 16-week cycle or 16 training blocks.

For more information on the MASSIVE IRON 5X5 WORKOUT click here.


This is not your typical cookie-cutter 5x5 program. The Massive Iron 5x5 offers:

  • A more flexible schedule.
  • A quality combination of frequency and volume.
  • Body part balance.

You can perform this program using a flexible schedule. Simply rotate between the workouts and lift when you have time. This is an excellent option for those of you that can sometimes train four times per week and occasionally only twice a week.

The Massive Iron 5x5 can also be run as a 3-day or 4-day plan. Make sure to ALWAYS include a day of rest before deadlifts (Posterior B). You want your biceps rested before your pulling day.






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