Massive Iron 5x5 Powerbuilding Workout PDF

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The Massive Iron 5x5 Workout by Steve Shaw


This is not your typical cookie-cutter 5x5 program. The Massive Iron 5x5 offers:

  • A more flexible schedule.
  • A quality combination of frequency and volume.
  • Body part balance.

You can perform this program using a flexible schedule. Simply rotate between the workouts and lift when you have time. This is an excellent option for those of you that can sometimes train four times per week and occasionally only twice a week.

The Massive Iron 5x5 can also be run as a 3-day or 4-day plan. Make sure to ALWAYS include a day of rest before deadlifts (Posterior B). You want your biceps rested before your pulling day.


Ask a Question
  • Where would you put close grip bench as a strength exercise variation vs the skull destroyer pump work? I really like cg bench

    I would alternate it every other session with destroyers.

  • How do you recommend I warm up on 5x5 sets? What rep and percentage sceme should I use?

    If I cam starting at 200 pounds, for example, a reasonable warrm-up would look something like:

    Bar x 10

  • Hello, on a 3 times per week schedule, how long will each session last? (I usually rest 2-3 minutes between sets). Is it possible to get away with 1 hour sessions? keep up the good work and Best regards!

    Typically 75 minutes. To get workouts to an hour you might need to drop a set here and there from exercises.

  • Hi Steve can this be done just with dumbbells, a bench and a barbell?

    Absolutely. You may need a few swaps but most of my programs revolve around barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight.

  • What starting weight would you recommend based on a 1RM ? Thank you.

    77.5% of your max is a good, safe place to start.

  • Hi Steve, can this program be run multiple times or do you recommend moving to a different program after completion?

    There is never an urgent need to change programs. This can be run as long as you prefer.

  • Suitable for a home gym equipped with a power rack , barbell, adjustable bench, lat pull down, and adjustable Pluto box?

    Yes. The main lifts are barbell, but you will need to make a few lift swaps to fit your equipment.

  • Is this a suitable novice routine? My lifts aren't great and I have program hopped for a long time. Current 1 rep maxes are Bench: 200 lbs Squat: 200 lbs Deadlift: 220 lbs Overhead press: 110 lbs

    Your lift totals aren't novice. This program would work fine for you.

  • How long would you advice running this program before deloding? 3 week waves or just when your main compounds aren't progressing or regress? Thanks

    I don't believe in arbitrary deloads. Deload intuitive when your sick, gave social events, or simply need a day or two away.

  • Can I work this over a 5-6 day split?

    It's not designed that way, no. Four days is plenty for this program.

  • How many days a week is required to run this program? Could it be done in a full body fashion(3xweek)? Is body weight exercises part of the program? There is any GPP work or could be added to the program? Thank you!

    It's not a full-body program. The Massive Iron 5x5 is meant to be run 3-4 times per week. The program includes pull-ups and dips. GPP is not a part of this program.

  • Do you see any issues with replacing the ab work on the Posterior days with trapezius exercises? I'm not a fan of planks/ab wheel and would rather work my traps instead.

    Not at all. That's perfectly OK