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This week during Massive Iron LIVE I was given a unique proposition: “Can you develop a flexible program that involves only one leg day a week?”

I thought about this for a moment, and came up with the following structure:

A static leg day penciled in on the same day of the week, once a week, while rotating between these training sessions (using a flexible schedule and flexible rest days) on other days:

  • Chest and Delts (Push A&B Workouts)
  • Back and Biceps (A&B Workouts)

Basically, you decide which day of the week you want your static leg day to fall on, and rotate between the other workouts on other days when you want to lift. This allows you to train 3-5 days a week, getting in some frequency for everything other than legs.

Why legs only once a week? Why not? That was the proposition. Not every workout has to be frequency-only or body-part-split only. What’s wrong with a mix of the two?



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