Massive Iron Push, Pull, Arms, Legs Split

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PPAL - Push, Pull, Arms, Legs.

The push, pull, legs split is a top choice. A high percentage of those that come to me for coaching are using the PPL. 

Last week a client asked if it was possible to add in an arm day. Anything is possible, so I spent a number of days considering the best way to do so. The obvious next step was to add in an arm day after the push, pull, legs cycle resulting in:

  • PPLA - Push, pull, legs, arms

This sounds nice and tidy on paper until you consider the logistics. While a PPLA works, a better way to structure things would be a PPAL:

  • PPAL - Push, pull, arms, legs

Here is the reason for this change.

Push day typically includes the chest, shoulders, and triceps. By removing triceps and moving them to an arm day, we can have a more intense pull day. But, in moving triceps to an arm day it’s better to have a built-in rest day after arms and before the next pull day. Therefore, a PPAL is a better pattern or structure.

With this structure in place, I was able to move a few pieces and parts around the board and create the following split:

  • Push - Shoulders, Chest and Abs
  • Pull - Back, Traps, and Rear Delts
  • Arms - Triceps, Biceps, and Light Chest/Shoulders
  • Legs - Quads, Hammies and Abs


Ask a Question
  • Hey man would this be optimal for me, currently doing an upper lower , looking to add size and get some strength gains build the big three up but also want to get bigger arms love the frequency with upper lower do 2 on 1 off would this still be optimal for gains both strength and muscle mass

    Optimal is reallt mostly abotu consistency, progressive overload, and exercise selection. This programs works best for folsk that like to workout abouyt 5 days per week and find thery recover a bit better.

  • Shrugs 5x5s, is this five rounds of 60-120 sec and adding weight each round or is it 5 rounds with same weight but adding weight next Pull A day?

    One round of 60-120 seconds.

    Shrug 5x5s - Set a timer for 60 to 120 seconds. Perform 5 shrug reps, controlling the eccentric or lowering. After each 5 reps perform a static hold of the barbell for 5 seconds. Continue this pattern until time runs out. Add 5 pounds each session until this exercise feels impossible. Make sure to wear Versa Gripps or straps. We’re not training grip here.

  • Hie i just bought this. If i where to substitute deadlift and regular squats, what would you recommend? Im currently working out with a hernia and awating surgery and those two are the most triggering for pain in the hernia area.

    Email me at I need to know more about your available equipment.

  • with 5 workouts a week how would you structure it? Love the idea of an arm day

    There are many ways to structure it. 2 on, 1 off. 3 on 1 off. Etc.

  • Hi, Which of your programs do you recommend If i only could work out 3-4 days a week. One day training and one day recovery run alternating most weeks. I like bro splits but know that need of a good frequence. Im not a big fan of a sepreate leg day...actually i do Push Rest Pull Rest...with the Runs on rest days. In Push i include squats/quads and deadlifts/ leg curls in Pull. I like your ideas of mixing frequence and splits like these PPAL, but with job and family i cant plan on 4/5 workouts a week, but 3-4... Sorry for the long question ;)

    Probably the upper posterior AB split.

  • Hie is this designed to workout everyday? Currently i have a 3 split program and i workout almost everyday. I just take a day off if i have something else to do or need a day off.

    You can insert rest days as needed. It can be every day. Obviously I recommend 5 days a week to be optimal but it can be run 6 days a week.

  • Hi there, just wanted to check to see if this is a PDF format or is it a physical book? Cheers

    It's a PDF

  • Steve, bought this plan and am loving it. Confused on one point. Leg B calls for reverse lunges 3x15 each leg but in the description it calls for 'get to 100 reps, 50 each leg rest as needed'? Can you clarify? Also, looks like arms B and Legs B are labeled as 'A' instead of B in the second table.

    Sorry that was a typo. In some workouts you can do "100s" or 50 rest-pause reps per leg.