Massive Iron A/B Split - Posterior and Upper

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I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately about my approach to programming A/B splits. For starters, I prefer the following A/B approach:

  • Upper workouts - Chest, Shoulders, and arms
  • Posterior-focused workouts -  Back and legs

Add in calves and abs as you feeling necessary and required.

This can be performed four days a week or as a flexible schedule. When using a flexible schedule simply rotate between workouts, inserting rest days as needed. I STRONGLY recommend taking a rest day BEFORE your Posterior B workout. Allow your biceps to recovery a bit before attempting deadlifts.

A quality 4-day schedule would look something like thing:

  • Monday - Upper A
  • Tuesday - Posterior A
  • Wednesday - OFF
  • Thursday - Upper B
  • Friday Posterior B
  • Saturday - OFF
  • Sunday - OFF


Ask a Question
  • Can this program be done in a rest pause system?

    Well, you could take existing exercises and sets and replace one or more of them with a rest-pause system.

  • Hi Steve, Thanks for your great YouTube content. In one of your videos for lifters in their 40's, you recommended an A B lower upper split. Would this program resemble what you had in mind? Many thanks

    Yes. You might have to drop sets to 2 each for starters and make adjustments from there. Also, if you need a custom program that might be the best way to go.

  • Is this any different than the A-B workout in your massive iron book? I already bought it so don't want to pay for the same program twice

    Yes, this is different. It's Upper/Posterior.

  • I have a basic garage gym; smith machine rack system, barbell, dumbbells and kettlebells. Could you recommend swaps for the hack squats, leg press and machine chest press in this program?

    Machine chest press you could do two sets of dumbbell flyes or dips supersetted with push-ups.

    Leg work you could do lunges and Bulgarian split squats.

  • Does this require going to a gym - using machines etc. - or (my preference) using my basic garage gym (power rack, barbell, dumbbells). I am just getting past the ‘beginner” phase of getting back into lifting. Thanks

    Most of my programs use very few machines. If they do the swaps are easy. I could make suggestions for you if you decide this is the right plan.

  • Is this program primarily focused on strength? Also is it targeted to more intermediate lifters?

    All of my programs are powerbuilding - for both strength and muscle. It is a great choice for beginner to intermediate.


  • How many exercises are in each day? Can each day be completed within an hour without rushing rest periods?

    Generally, the structure has 6 exercises per day but you can add or subtract from there.

  • Hello! I'm really stuck between this and the 4 day power muscle block program. I'm a late intermediate training in a fairly well equipped home gym. I know it's a subjective question but any advice would be great!

    This is a great program but it's more meat and potatoes. PMB is what I am running now and might be a better fit. Also know the " Massive Collection" contains ever workout.