Drunk Russian 5-Day Full-Body Workout PDF

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The Drunk Russian Workout by Steve Shaw


Back around 2009-2010, I create a 5-day-per week full-body workout. It was considered scandalous and idiotic. I ran it for quite a number of months and really enjoyed the program.

This routine provides you with a good exercise selection, a defined progression scheme, and a quality amount of weekly volume per body part.


Ask a Question
  • With doing a single set of squats, how would you build up to that working set in terms of warm-up sets?

    Something like:

    70%x1 or GO

  • Does this pdf has routine mentioned for certain number of weeks like week1 to week8 or week1 to week12 OR is it just the single table which u have already shown us on your youtube video?

    Workouts don't change week to week. It's a more detailed look at the program on the video.

  • Is it mostly free weight work or machines? I'm interested but have no access to machines. Built a home gym with just free weights. Barbells and assorted dumbbells

    You can use whatever exercises you prefer. The Drunk Russian is more of a template than a specific workout.