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16-Week Bench Press Block Program by Steve Shaw 


This program combines an 8-week volume phase with an 8-week peaking phase to help you bring up your bench press. It can be run by late beginners and intermediates.

This is not merely a strength-building program. It is also a powerbuilding program and works well for building muscle.



Ask a Question
  • What is the split of this workout?

    It's an Upper/Lower format.

  • I have a question about starting weight vs reps/sets. Do I keep the same weight per set, starting light enough to finish 10 reps on the 4th set? Stopping at 10 reps on the first set even though 15-20 reps might be possible? My current procedure is starting weight for 12-15 reps increasing weight per set until 4-6 reps on 4th set.

    Use the same weight. One the last set if you add a couple of reps beyond 10 then I would bump weight.

  • Do I need to achieve all sets of 10 reps in order to add weight? Or be able to hit the general 8-10 rep range for all sets in order to add weight? For pull ups, 13 pull ups is the most I can do. Should I utilise weighted pull ups or stick to bodyweight? Looking forward to starting this on Monday after testing my max recently.

    8-10 is fine! For pull-ups once you hit 10 reps you could microload, but I suggest only very slowly with 2.5 pound increments.

  • 2 questions first is if there is relase a new book and you already bougth COMPLETE Massive Iron Course Collection will it then get send to you by email, and second question is do you need get theese workouts with the COMPLETE Massive Iron Course Collection

    The Course Collection has no release date. It will be sent my email.

    The course will include basically every form of workout, from rest-pause to full body.

  • Does the 16 week course also provide the recommended assistance exercises, sets, and reps ?

    Yes. All programs are completely detailed