Super Living 16+ Week Transformation Challenge

Super Living 16+ Week Transformation Challenge

Welcome to the Super Living 16-week transformation challenge. This is NOT a contest; it's a challenge. There will be no prizes other than self-improvement. You can also use this challenge as a method to help you remain focused and motivated.

The goal is to start the new year right; focused on positive change, improvement of health, loss of body fat, improvement of muscular development, etc. 

It is my goal that the next 16 weeks will help you turn the corner on a new lifestyle. Entry is FREE but there are rules. Here's how it works.

Start - You may start at any point in January. January 31st at 10 p.m. Eastern time is the last date you submit an entry. No exceptions.

End - The last day you have to submit your final transformation photos will be Friday, May 22nd at 10 p.m. Eastern time zone.

16 Weeks - Your transformation timeline must be at least 16 weeks. This is the date from the start of your transformation until final pictures are taken. It can't be shorter than 16 weeks but CAN BE LONGER.

This means that is you submit pictures on January 1st you may submit final pictures on May 22nd, giving you move time to transform.

How to Enter

To enter you need to:

Email - for the start and end image you must feature either on your phone or print out and hold. This image must be visible in all photos.

Pictures - Take a front, side, and rear photo of yourself in a relaxed position. Arms must be at your side in each of the photos. Flexing, filters, and Photoshopped pictures will disqualify you.

Do NOT submit overly sexual/revealing photos. Keep them modest. Take photos in your shorts or bathing suit, with an appropriate top or sports bra for women.

We must be able to see your legs, abs, and arms.

Please make sure images are quality with a decent resolution. Do dark or grainy photos, please.

Submit - Submit your starting photos. You may submit up to three photos for each of the side, front, and back assessments.

With your photos, you must also submit your:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight

After at least 16 weeks, submit your ending photos. Again, you may submit ending photos at any time after 16 weeks, but no later than May 22nd.

Final Submission - With your final submission make sure to send ending weight.

What Type of Challenge is This?

This is a body transformation challenge. The goal is to see what can be done in 16 weeks with a complete focus. If you just want to lose fat that's absolutely fine. If you want to try and build a little muscle during this 16-week window, have at it.

Optional - At the end of this challenge, and with your approval only, Your transformation will be featured on Super Living Today and/or Instagram to help motivate others to change.

Join the Super Living Group

I encourage you to join the Super Living group. Stay motivated and connected with others trying to make a change.

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