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This is a ONE-YEAR MINIMUM Commitment. No Refunds. The client may cancel the recurring service at any time after 12 months. No backing out. Strap yourself in for the BEST training year of your life. It's time for results.

I will NOT be accepting everyone. 

Team Massive Coaching is ONLY for those of you that are ready to dedicate a COMPLETE YEAR to ball-busting training.

  • Want to have the BEST strength-building year of your life? Sign up.
  • Want to have the BEST muscle-building year of your life? Sign up.

Want to change programs, look for magical rep ranges, flip-flop back and forth between bulking and cutting cycles? This is NOT for you.

Trainees MUST be willing and ready to CRUSH consistency for an entire year. This includes nutrition and training. If you don't have mental strength before entering this year, you'll have it after the year is done. I guarantee that. I WILL be pushing you just like I pushed myself.

This coaching service IS for:

  • All ages
  • Men and women
  • Special circumstances
  • Any reasonable degree of equipment access

You will be expected to train hard, heavy, and focused at least 3-4 days a week. All programs and nutrition plans are custom-designed to fit your needs, equipment, goals, etc. I'll leave all the cookie-cutter BS coaching to those that JUST want to collect checks.

I'm here for RESULTS.

LIMITED SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE. Existing clients can change their coaching commitment to TEAM MASSIVE. 

How does it work?

  1. Sign-up
  2. We will schedule a 30-minute phone call to establish goals, equipment, etc.
  3. You will be added to my PRIVATE app and forum. I will communicate with you DAILY on the app. No weekly BS communication by email ONLY. I am there with you 100%.

We will track your workouts, progress, nutrition, weight, measurements, forms, and more.

This service is for the HARDCORE only; those of you that want to build BIG muscle, POWERFUL strength levels, or both.

NOTE: Commitment begins on the date of sign up. You will be billed monthly on the same date as sign-up.

Those of you that want to pay upfront may do so via PAYPAL or through my WEBSITE. Email me for details:

If you pay upfront you'll save $100. 

Sign up today. Limited slots are available.


Ask a Question
  • Is this a one time fee of 80 dollars? Or do we get charged 80 per month?

    Coaching is $80 a month.

  • I just want to lose fat and build muscle/become strong and also be able to do hard activities without being dead on the floor after 2 minutes, would you recommend team massive or team freak coaching?

    Team Massive would be fine. Anything with a lifting goal in it would be best on Team Massive.

  • Hello! My goal is to gain strength, but I don't want to look bulky (ie. I'm a petite woman and I don't want to gain fat. Looking muscular is just fine.) I just want to clarify that this program will help me gain strength, but isn't a bulking program. Also, I'm wondering what the focus of the workouts are. I've been following megsquats powerlifting program for about 18 months and I'd like to stay on track for powerlifting so that I can compete eventually. Thanks!!

    Absolutely. One thing I will not let my clients do is gain unwanted bulk/fat. We keep a very tight eye on weight and appearance. I have many several hard-working female clients improve strength and the way they look without gaining fat or getting bulky.

    The workouts are built together based on preferences, equipment, goals, etc.

  • What would be your end goal? X number of pounds added to the big 3? Will the nutrition side include recommending supplements. Will there be recommendations for cardio?

    The program is tailored to your goals. The nutrition side does not recommend supplements. I have no affiliation with supplement companies. Cardio will be tailored to your goals.

  • Thanks for all your content on YouTube! Regarding this program, is it $80 per month? I wanted to clarify if that was the monthly or yearly price. Thanks

    $80 monthly and thanks!

  • Will this have adequate carryover to martial arts or other similar sports/activities? I want strength training, but not necessarily just for size.

    Yes. My programs are designed to give you head to toe strength.