Team Massive Coaching - "Micro Coaching" (Tier 1)

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TEAM MASSIVE. I call this level "micro coaching." You have access to my complete program library and can run any program at any time view my private app. Simply choose a workout, add it to your calendar, swap in any needed exercise swaps, and go! AND... You can change or try any program at any time - EASY!

My private app also allows you to track workout analytics and to integrate your My Fitness Pal data via Google Fit or Apple Fitness.

You will also be granted PRIVATE ACCESS to the Team Massive Discord server where you can ask me questions directly on a daily basis, or ask for form checks on any lift.

Here are a complete list of benefits and services that come with TEAM MASSIVE COACHING:

  • UNLIMITED access to my programs via the Massive Iron APP. You can add them to your training calendar, swap in/out exercises as needed based on your equipment level, and track your workouts.
  • Workout analytics. Want to dive into the nuts and bolts of how your training is doing. Lift performance is monitored and detailed analytics are provided.
  • Easily integrate your nutrition via Google Fit or Apply Fitness into the Massive Iron APP.
  • Private Community - Gain access to the Team Massive private Discord server.  This is a mature, troll-free, nonsense-free training group. Exchange recipes, discuss lifting topics, post your favorite memes, get the help and positive support you need!
  • Weekly Form Checks - Team Massive members can post once-a-week form checks for squats, deadlifts, bench press, or any other lift. Form advice is provided directly by Steve Shaw of Massive Iron.
  • PRIVATE Q&A Live Video Events - Like the Friday LIVE videos on Massive Iron YouTube? Community members have their own private live Q&A, run once a month.
  • Direct help from Massive Iron's Steve Shaw. Get your questions answered. Hope on the Ask BHUD channel and post all the questions you want!
  • Programming and nutrition help. Stuck in a rut? This service is the way to go. Get on track and get the results you want.



Ask a Question
  • is the micro coaching only for those already part of team massive?

    Micro Coaching has basically been replaced with Team Massive. It's a one-time fee for a lifetime membership.

    This will be a new product thought being released around June, 2022. It will give you access to my private app and workout library in addition to Team Massive.