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The initial cost is $29.98. Each month after you will be billed only $14.99.

This provides you with access to the private Super Living Today community.

Once you purchase access you must CREATE AN ACCOUNT at the LINK BELOW. A moderator will then match the email of the registered account with the email of this purchase.

The forum is a great place to start a journal, training log, find daily motivation, interact with other members, or ask Steve Shaw questions.

The forum will contain ALL of Steve Shaw's workouts and articles for FREE, along with unique content from Robert Schinetsky, the Supplement Engineer.

Yes, this means you will have access to all my workout PDFs for FREE.

Here are the features of the forum:

  • PRIVATE community. No trolls, nonsense, or BS. Just quality interactions with other members
  • Steve Shaw Q&A. You will be able to post training and nutrition questions and exercise form critiques to Steve Shaw and receive valuable, personalized help
  • The Supplement Engineer Q&A. You will be able to post supplement and nutrition questions to Robert Schnietsky and receive valuable, individualized help
  • ONCE A MONTH private group LIVE VIDEO
  • Keep a training log
  • Interaction with other members and discuss off-topic, training, YouTube videos, whatever
  • All of Steve Shaw's WORKOUTS for FREE
  • Steve Shaw's ARTICLES (updated weekly) for FREE
  • Unique content from Robert Schnietsky, the Supplement Engineer
  • Occasional video responses to questions and UNIQUE community-only videos from Steve Shaw and the Supplement Engineer

The initial cost is $29.98. Each month after you will be billed only $14.99.

Come improve your results and interact with other serious lifters on the best lifting group on the web. 


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  • Hi Steve- i purchased a couple of your programs, but I didn't save them. how can I access these without having to purchase them again?

    Email me and I'll find your account.

  • Hi Steve, I am having issues getting into the forum. Says i don't have access, i also tried the link without success. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Chris

    You have to create an account. Try again.

  • It's not letting me in the private forum but I paid 10$ my email confirmed but can't see it

    Your account was granted access immediately. You can view the forum here:

    Make sure to click on "create account."

  • Hi, I’m just waiting for my confirmation email

    I approved you immediately. You can head over here now: