Powerlifting Coaching Team Massive - 10 Month Commitment (2 Months FREE)

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  • Introductory 30-minute phone consult to determine your goals and to comb through how coaching works. International calls will be handled through Whatsapp.
  • A custom workout plan and unlimited workout redesigns and changes, as needed. Powerlifting coaching will walk you through stages, from base building to meet peaking.
  • Monitoring of calorie intake and weight to make sure body composition goals are reached.
  • Unlimited communication through a private coaching app.
  • Daily form checks - Up to two videos per day.
  • Daily communication during the week. Weekend check-in at least one day each weekend. 
  • Accountability - I will do everything within my power to help you remain consistent and on track.
  • No cookie-cutter plans! Everything is completely set up for your unique goals.
  • Work with Steve Shaw - There are no employees or assistant trainers. All coaching is 100% with Massive Iron's Steve Shaw.

Please note this is a 10-month minimum commitment. No REFUNDS.

If you DO NOT wish to pay in advance you may CLICK HERE to pay month by month.

If a client discontinues communication during the coaching commitment period Super Living LLC and Massive Iron LLC will collect the remaining balance owed.

After ten months of coaching, if the client wants to cancel it is their responsibly to log into their account and cancel services. If they do not cancel, coaching will continue at $80 a month.


Ongoing workout coaching based on your needs. This service will help you build a better workout plan, and get the most out of your training.

Steve Shaw will monitor your training progress and interact with you on a daily basis. You will complete and unlimited access and are able to submit questions, inquires about training issues and changes, and get help with exercise form.

This service gives you unparalleled access to powerbuilding and strength coach Steve Shaw. Whether you want to build size, strength, both - or just gain weight, personalized assistance will be only a message away.

Maximize your results today and take away the doubt. Let Steve Shaw help you to maximize your results. 


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