Muscle/Strength Coaching - No Commitment

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NOTE: This service INCLUDES a complete initial consultation and a COMPLETE workout and diet design. DO NOT purchase this service if you've already purchased:

FIRST MONTH is $199, which INCLUDES workout design and nutrition guidelines. AFTER the first month, the coaching service is ONLY $49.75 per month. No refunds.

Ongoing workout coaching based on your needs. This service will help you get the most out of your training.

Steve Shaw will monitor your training progress and interact with you on a weekly basis. You will have complete and unlimited access to submit questions, inquire about training issues and changes, and get help with exercise form.

To recap, this service includes:

  • Weekly Check-In - You will submit weight, measurements, and workout progress/recap for the previous week. You will be required to file this each weekend on Saturday or Sunday. Steve Shaw will monitor your progress and make suggestions to improve results.
  • Form Assessments - Steve Shaw will assess up to TWO VIDEOS per week. These videos can be of any lift and must be submitted via WhatsApp. No exception.
  • UNLIMITED Questions - Have questions on nutrition, supplements, programming, or just general knowledge? You can submit these questions at any time.

This service gives you unparalleled access to powerbuilding and strength coach Steve Shaw. Whether you want to build size, strength, both - or just gain weight, personalized assistance will be only a message away.

Maximize your results today and take away the doubt. Let Steve Shaw help you to maximize your results. 

* No commitment. No refunds. It is the client's responsibility after the first month to declare if they'd like to discontinue the coaching.


Ask a Question
  • I’m strongly considering getting some coaching help with training and can’t decide which of your options fits my needs best. Is there a good way to reach out and get your advice on what option would fit my needs best? Email, Instagram message, etc?

    Sorry for the delay. Send me an email:

  • Do you have any results/ feedback/ reviews from previous or current clients?

    I post most of my clients results on Instagram. Many have been with me for 12-20 months. I've had clients lose 150 pounds and some smash powerlifting meet PRs. If you are interested in the service text me at 513-649-2666 and we can talk more specifically about results and goals.


  • I have made the decision to find a coach, after not getting the results I want over the last 3 years. I was wondering if we could have a quick discussion to go over goals and just overall make sure we are a good fit for each other. I would like to be able to go over my past, goals, injuries, etc. I would be interested in the weight loss and lifting coaching, with emphasis on weight loss at this time. I have done crash diets before and lost over 110+ pounds, but didn’t end up with the body that I wanted and was very weak. I need a coach to show me how to lose weight slower, while maintaining some strength.

    Yes, that's typically how I prefer to work. Send me a text or WhatApp at 513 649 2666. Thanks.