Power Muscle Block Workout Course

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Power Muscle Block workout course by Steve Shaw

One of the most popular muscle building and powerbuilding workout system in the fitness industry.

You will challenge your body and experience quality results by working the body with heavy and intense power sets, volume muscle sets, and pump-inducing block sets. 

  • Power - A compound exercise that is performed for 4-6 reps per set.
  • Muscle - A compound of machine exercise that is performed for 8-12 reps per set.
  • Block - A rest-pause block set finisher that uses either an isolation or bodyweight exercise.

NOTE: This is a course and not a full book. It contains sample workouts and is 5,027 words in length.


Ask a Question
  • Greetings coach! I was wondering if I could, in the upper lower split, add a power set or 2... I like the power training but I'm afraid that it will ruin the rest of the workout! I have a small home gym and no hack squat machine... Could you please give me a swap? Thank you for your time! I really enjoy your workouts! Keep on rocking in the fit world!!

    You can definitely add a power set. As long as it's working for you and you're recoverting, all good!

  • Is there a recommended rep range to hit at the beginning of the timed rest-pause set before implementing the rest-pause rest periods? Thank you

    Generally about 15 reps. Once you're up to 18-20 it's likely a good time to add weight.

  • Is this a great starting point for a new lifter mid 30's in age

    There are quite a few programming options in this book, and they are quality choices for any serious lifter.

  • Are there full body and upper/lower sample workouts in this? The articles regarding this system worked great for me in splits, but I like training upper/lower and full body now.

    There are full body and upper lower workout examples in the book.

  • Interested but would like to know what type of split it contains? Upper/Lower? Full body? P/P/L?

    There are full body and upper lower workout examples in the book, as well as splits.

  • Are the groups separated in phases or are the 3 types part of the daily workouts sets

    Each workout targets major muscle groups with each form of training. Minor muscle groups are generally not hit with low rep power sets though.

  • Dear Steve I bought your great book I am a new lifter Does this course help get bigger faster than other programs and why ? Thanks

    This is a quality and proven system that has literally helped an army of folks build mass. Not hype either. Earlier, less fleshed-out versions of this program are on the web. It became my best-selling and most-used program.

    It attacks muscle building through three major approaches:

    1) Heavy work.
    2) Volume work.
    3) Rest-pause/pump work.

    While no system is magic, this is a program that will yield the results lifters want if they use it correctly.

  • How long is an average workout running an upper/lower split from this course?

    Usually I want folks out of the gym in no longer than 70 minutes.