MEGA MASSIVE IRON Bundle (Orders EMAILED August 1st, 2022)

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This is a PDF book, course, and workout BUNDLE valued at over $500 if sold individually.



  • Massive Iron Extended Edition
  • Muscle and Brawn Archives
  • Massive Iron Get Eating Cookbook
  • Flex Calorie Dieting
  • Massive 6
  • #Ten100 Challenge
  • Massive Iron Bulking


  • Power Muscle Block Workout Course
  • Bench Press Workout Course
  • Massive Mass - Muscle Building Workout Course
  • Bulldozer Training Workout Course


  • Massive Iron Push Pull Arms Legs Split
  • Brute Force Powerbuilding HVI Training
  • Massive Iron 28 Day Powerbuilding Cycle
  • Massive Iron 5x5 Workout
  • Lean and Mean 10 Day Challenge
  • Massive Iron Push Pull Legs Split
  • 16-Week Bench Press Block
  • Massive Iron AB Upper/Posterior Workout
  • Massive Iron 6-Week Bench Press Builder
  • Massive Volume Training Workout
  • Drunk Russian 5-Day Fullbody
  • Massive Double Progression Workout
  • Barbell and Bodyweight AB Split
  • Massive Iron Torso Limbs Split
  • John Christy 531 Workout
  • Massive Crap Workout
  • How to Peak - Test Your One Rep Max
  • 12 Weeks to Better Pull-Ups and Push-Ups
  • 10-30 Day Lifestyle Change Challenge
  • 3500 Calorie Challenge
  • Massive Iron Home Gym Workouts
  • Deuces Workout
  • Massive Iron 2 Day Workout
  • Massive Calves
  • Creeping Death Progression Tool
  • Massive Iron 4 Main Progression Approaches


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  • I didn't see faz's programs listed. Are they all included?

    Yes. They are pictured on the second image on this product page.