Massive Workout and Diet Bundle - 3 Book Set

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3 E-book SALE bundle includes:

  • Massive Iron. Maximize Every Set, Maximize Progress. This book is for those of you that want to build as much muscle and strength as possible. It is a collection of principles and tools that will help the average lifter exceed their goals.
  • Massive 6 - 6-month novice powerbuilding course by Steve Shaw. Massive 6 is the ultimate 6-month beginner course. Stop wasting time in the gym and build as much muscle mass and strength as possible.
  • Flex Calorie Dieting. Lose weight without losing your mind. Flex calorie dieting is simple. First, you aim to hit a daily calorie goal, which will help you to lose weight efficiently. Second, you are also given a certain number of “flex calories” each week. These can be "spent" on any foods.


Ask a Question
  • My primary goal right now is fat loss, as well as building strength. Would the diet and workout plans in these books be good for achieving that goal?

    Yes. Fat loss is 90% calorie intake and this will help you reduce calories in a sane and balanced way.