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Massive Strength by Steve Shaw

It's time to get as strong as humanly possible.

This book is for those of you that are hungry for strength. Massive Strength contains the pillars and principals that will get you to where you want to go. Steve Shaw's 10 core philosophies are explored:

  1. Be patient. You likely aren’t “plateauing,” you simply have a patience issue.
  2. Train smart. The goal is not to punish your body. Learn good form and stop doing stupid things like maxing out every session.
  3. Think “head to toe”. Make everything from your calves to your traps as strong as humanly possible.
  4. Get big. Muscle mass creates the opportunity for more strength.
  5. Work capacity. Don’t just rely on low-rep sets and minimalistic programming. Take some time building up your set, reps, and tonnage volume.
  6. Evolve. Evolve your training based on needs. There are many lifting “rules” and protocols. Don’t be afraid to make small adjustments and break the rules from time to time.
  7. Consistent nutrition. Inconsistent calorie and nutrition intake leads to inconsistent results.
  8. Don’t get fat. Gain weight slowly, and in a controlled manner.
  9. Embrace the suck. It’s not going to be easy. Don’t try to hide from aspects of training that challenge you.
  10. F*ck your program. There are no magic programs. There are wisely-designed programs that are evolved based on needs, but there is no single program or school of training that is best for everyone.

Once past the core principles, Massive Strength contains approaches, workouts, and strategies that fill help you grow your strength efficiently and effectively, and in a safe manner.

Massive Strength contains a wide selection of example workouts along with specialization programs. You will learn how to build a strength base, broaden this bases as an intermediate, and even how to train for powerlifting: included are off-season and peaking templates. You'll even learn how to choose your lifts at a meet.

But this is not simply a powerlifting book. It is a strength-building book. 

Massive Strength will help athletes, the small, the weak, and those with plateaus move serious iron and reach their goals.


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Ask a Question
  • what's happended with this book? I paid for it never got it

    It's been pushed back. I am putting out an entire Massive series of 18 books. Anyone that pre-ordered Massive Strength will get the entire collection.

  • will this book be an asset for seniors, i.e. 60 and up?

    I will be including a section for building strength over 50.

  • Dear Steve, I have bought the Massive Iron book and am very impressed with it. Would you say this book is different enough in content to be worth purchasing for someone who already owns Massive Iron? Many thanks for your advice.

    Thanks for your support. Massive Strength will be completely strength-focused more than pure powerbuilding. It will include my philosophies on how to get stronger, information on how to improve exercise form, and a myriad of other strength-focused topics to help lifters improve their lifts. I hope that helps!

    I will also have powerlifting-specific content in addition to the strength information.

    There will be plenty of strength-centric workouts and training ideas.

  • In the context of a novice / beginner lifter, would you recommend this or start with Massive Iron?

    Massive Iron is a good base and has pillars that will help you maximize any workout. Massive Strength will be more-strength focused, but will have a lot of the same information but with a few more detailed and improved strength programs.