Massive Rampage Workout PDF

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This morning I was tasked with putting together a new body part split workout for a client that already had a solid amount of muscle mass, but that wanted something intense, fresh, and challenging.

On days like today you never know where the creative brain is going to take you. Body part splits offer a broad range of opportunities. There are so many ways to mold them, twist them, and turn them.

Today, I created something that looked so unique and enjoyable that I wanted to run it myself. I call it…

Massive Rampage.

Why? Why not? It’s a name. An appropriate name. 

In this PDF I have included two program variations:

  1. 5-day body part split with an arm day.
  2. 4-day classic body part split.

Massive Rampage focuses on the following tools to help you grow:

  • Pre-fatigue training
  • Compound exercise volume
  • Drop sets
  • Rest-pause training
  • Supersets
  • Progressive overload


Ask a Question
  • Are the pre exhaust lunges on leg day bodyweight or weighted?

    Start with body weight and if they start to feel manageable slowly load weight.