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Sample workouts included:

  • Massive Peaks Upper/Posterior 
  • Massive Peaks Body Part Split
  • Massive Peaks Lube

Massive “Peaks” is a training style that flips things on its head. Instead of leading off with the big hitters, you start with the easiest exercises and progress to more difficult movements.

There is no real magic in using this tool. It simply exists as a training option and can be a fun change.

At times in the gym it feels tedious to lead off with the big-hitting exercises. We can feel drained, and not have as much left in the tank as we’d like. Massive Peaks allows you to slowly ramp intensity and then finish off your workouts with a big bang.

The only thing you really need to focus on when using this system is moderation. Performing the big lifts last will require you to have bulletproof exercise form, and to set your ego aside. You generally won’t be able to perform the big-hitting exercises with the same amount of weight. 

That’s OK. This isn’t a pure strength-building program.

Another benefit of this training style is that the entire workout functions as an ongoing warm-up. Since you start light, by the time you get to the big exercises your central nervous system is VERY engaged and you should feel very warmed up.


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