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Massive Omnibus is coming. This series of books is the culmination of a lifetime of research and practical application by Massive Iron's Steve Shaw.

The tentative release date for the Massive Omnibus PDF version is July 4th, 2024*

By purchasing this PDF series of books early, you will immediately receive the following PDFs:

  • Massive Bulking - Learn how to maximize the bulking and cutting process. No fat bulks here! You will Master the art of building muscle while remaining relatively lean,, and along yourself to bulk approximately 10 months out of the year.
  • Massive Collection - This is a massive 350 plus page collection of nearly every workout and workout template in the Massive Iron world. 
  • Massive Iron - The original Massive Iron book published in 2014


The Massive Iron Omnibus is a three book series that contains the following information:

 To help you understand the content that follows, here are the major sections that are contained in this book:

  • The Pillars of Success - What it truly takes to build muscle and strength

  • Massive Iron Mantras - Rules, sayings, and popular mantras of the Massive Iron world - “The body is not that fragile”, “F*ck your program”, “You’re not almost there”, etc.

  • The World of Lifting - A deep dive into popular training principles and tools, including everything from supersets to deloads to periodization, rest between sets, training to failure, how to simplify and deal with a mountain of information

  • Learning Gym & Equipment - Popular bars and pieces of gym equipment

  • Progression Approaches - The major progression tools found in the Massive Iron world

  • Bulldozer Rest-Pause Training - How to maximize this popular training tool

  • Form Tutorials - Detailed overviews of each major exercise, allowing you to maximize your workout efforts, examples of “bro” form, the value of controlling the weight

  • “Massive” Workout Building Rules - What are the major and minor body parts, how and when to perform max safe reps, the principle of weekly volume, training evolution

  • Workout Templates - An explanation of ALL Massive Iron templates and workout examples showing you how to flesh them out

  • Classic Workouts - A look at popular training systems, along with the good and bad, and how we would maximize them in the Massive Iron world

  • How to Warm-Up - A basic primer on how to perform warm-up sets before each exercise

  • How to Properly Test Your One Rep Max - Don’t just randomly test your max, do it right

  • Training as a Beginner or Frustrated Lifter - Rules and tools to get progress moving quickly

  • Nutrition - A basic muscle-building nutrition primer; how to maximize your eating structure, tracking calories and protein, finding maintenance, macronutrients and micronutrients,  and more

  • Massive Iron Bulking - How to effectively and efficiently transform your physique through precise bulk/cut cycles

  • Specific Eating Lifestyles - A look at specific eating lifestyles and how they can be maximized to build muscle

  • The World of Supplements - What to use, and how to use supplements

  • Health, Not Just Muscle - Taking a bigger picture approach to lifting, steps per day, how to cardio, and what balance means, the heart attack zone

  • Body Composition - A general overview, including BMR, BMI, and more

  • The World of Running - Running advice, training templates, and how to train for longer distance running along with muscle and strength building

  • Conditioning and Calisthenics - Some basic thoughts on the value of general conditioning, and how to incorporate these tools synergistically without impeding muscle/strength progress

  • Motivation and Passion - The mental strength game, and how to cultivate motivation through community and content; why the head and heart mean everything

  • Injuries and Injury Management - Common injuries, how to prevent them, and how to train around and after injuries, caring and training for the lower back

  • Abs Training - Learn how to train your core properly for strength and stability

  • Calves Training - How to attack stubborn, small calves

  • Bench Press Focus - Tools and workouts to help you build a bigger bench press

  • Squat Focus - Tools and workouts to help you build a bigger squat

  • Deadlift Focus - Tools and workouts to help you build a bigger deadlift

  • Pull-Ups Focus - Tools and workouts to help you build your pull-ups strength

  • Specialization Workouts - How and how often to specialize body parts, and how to do so properly

  • Stupid Workout Nonsense - Myths and nonsense in the world of muscle and strength building, you don’t need weights, 20-minute minimal workouts, body type workouts

  • The Best From YouTube - Transcripts from some of my best/favorite/most popular YouTube videos

  • The Best of Social Media - Posts and teaching tools from Instagram and beyond

  • Training Longevity - How to safely and sustainably train for many years to come; advice for the aging lifter 

  • My Advice for the Skinny Lifter - Overcoming the fear of gaining weight and getting fat, pushing past self-limiting beliefs and opening new doors

  • My Advice for the Obese Lifter - What your primary focus must be, how to maximize body recomposition over a 2-4 year period of time

  • Lifestyle Change - What it means and why you are doomed without it; why the obese must exercise (it’s not what you think)

  • Discussing Natural Expectations - Natural mass and arm size expectations

  • Strength Standards - Standards for men and women, strength as a vehicle for muscle, why muscle and strength building are the same for most of you until 80%

  • TRT and PEDs - My thoughts on TRT, PEDs, how roid lifters may benefit from training differently, and why naturals more than anyone need a degree of brutality and strength

  • My Body Transformation Story - How I lost 100 pounds and completely changed my physique

  • How I Trained - Stories and information on my training history including unique experiences and workouts (from bulldozer to drunk Russian to heavy daily maxes)

  • Fin - What really matters in the long run, and it’s not rep ranges, specific workouts, a specific frequency, etc.

  • Bonus! - Snippets from various articles and social media posts over the years that will only enhance your knowledge of training and nutrition



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