Massive Lube Training Split

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The following workout splits are included in this PDF:

  • 4 day Massive Lube split
  • 5 day Massive Lube split with a bonus “extra” junk day

Massive Lube Split w/Bonus Extra Day

  • L = Lower
  • U = Upper
  • B = Back
  • E = Extra

What an amazing world where we can come up with a quality workout and name it lube. (Humor folks)


On paper, the upper/lower or upper/posterior split is generally a solid option for many lifters. It’s not as time intense as a full body workout and incorporates frequency training for those that don't want a body part split.

The problem comes down to execution. You can slice and dice a workout plan to sound tidy on paper, but when you start to shuffle in exercises and outline your plan things might look good on paper but in the gym they might feel like hell.

Massive Lube - (L)ower, (U)pper, (B)ack allows you to hit most of the upper body twice a week while giving back and legs/lower their own training day. I believe this will be a more enjoyable way to train (at least for me) compared to an upper/lower or upper/posterior, and quite frankly I consider it a much better option for those obsessed with a push, pull, legs split and more training days per week.


Ask a Question
  • Hi. The Workout Sounds great. What is the fourth day in the 4 day Split? Is it an extra das, too or does ist repeat one of the Forst days? What dies ist contain? Chest and Arms?

    The split has two upper days, a leg day, and a back day.