Massive Junk Training

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The following workout splits are included in this PDF:

  • 3 day Massive Junk full body
  • 4 day Massive Junk full body
  • 4 day Massive Junk upper/posterior
  • 5 day Massive Junk upper/posterior
  • 5 day Massive Junk body part split

This is not your typical workout approach. It’s not junk, as in trash, but rather a solid way to clear away some clutter from major workout days and toss them into a junk pile - or junk workout.

Building a solid program can get messy. There are always bits and pieces lying around after I program major movements and minor body parts such as arms. Questions arise such as, where should I add in my…

  • Calf exercises
  • Traps exercises
  • Maybe extra arm work
  • Forearm exercises
  • Rear delts
  • Ab work
  • Etc.

Now, you can certainly add this work into your existing split but it can lengthen training sessions and often - if you’re like me - you push some of this work aside because you’re simply done for the day after the big hitters.

This describes me perfectly. 

Enter, the junk day.

A junk training day makes working these minor bits and pieces enjoyable. It relieves some of the time pressure found during major sessions and creates a special day each week to attack less intense body parts. You can also take some of the arm work you want to fit in on a full body workout or upper/lower (or posterior) session and fit it in on a junk day. 


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