Massive Iron Torso Limbs Split

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In a world of unique training splits here is a programming style you rarely hear about. In fact, it’s a split I forgot about until I was asked to address it during a recent YouTube live.

The torso-limbs split is fairly easy to program but it’s a workout that demands you pay attention to rest days. You DO NOT want to enter a torso day with fatigued triceps and biceps.

Included in this PDF are reasonable commercial gym and home gym variations. These programs are examples. Feel free to tinker with them.

  • Limbs - Legs and arms
  • Torso - Chest, back, shoulders


Ask a Question
  • Hi Steve, Many thanks for this program, which I have bought and downloaded: it looks great. Just a couple of questions: could you tell me why, in Torso (A) there are only 2 sets for dumbbell rows vs 3 sets for barbell rows, and the same for romanian deads vs gh raises on Limbs (A)? Also, where would it be best to program ab/core training? Very best, Fergus

    Because dumbbell rows and RDLs are more taxing from a cardiovascular standpoint. Also, dumbbell rows are a unilateral exercise. Core work can be placed anywhere that's convenient.

  • I completely trust your judgement, but why are Barbell Rows done the day before RDLs? Do you find this causes too much low back fatigue?

    They are not. You don't perform these workouts 4 days in a row.