Massive Iron Torso Limbs Split

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In a world of unique training splits here is a programming style you rarely hear about. In fact, it’s a split I forgot about until I was asked to address it during a recent YouTube live.

The torso-limbs split is fairly easy to program but it’s a workout that demands you pay attention to rest days. You DO NOT want to enter a torso day with fatigued triceps and biceps.

Included in this PDF are reasonable commercial gym and home gym variations. These programs are examples. Feel free to tinker with them.

  • Limbs - Legs and arms
  • Torso - Chest, back, shoulders


Ask a Question
  • Hi Steve, Many thanks for this program, which I have bought and downloaded: it looks great. Just a couple of questions: could you tell me why, in Torso (A) there are only 2 sets for dumbbell rows vs 3 sets for barbell rows, and the same for romanian deads vs gh raises on Limbs (A)? Also, where would it be best to program ab/core training? Very best, Fergus

    Because dumbbell rows and RDLs are more taxing from a cardiovascular standpoint. Also, dumbbell rows are a unilateral exercise. Core work can be placed anywhere that's convenient.