Massive Iron Push, Pull, Arms, Legs Split

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PPAL - Push, Pull, Arms, Legs.

The push, pull, legs split is a top choice. A high percentage of those that come to me for coaching are using the PPL. 

Last week a client asked if it was possible to add in an arm day. Anything is possible, so I spent a number of days considering the best way to do so. The obvious next step was to add in an arm day after the push, pull, legs cycle resulting in:

  • PPLA - Push, pull, legs, arms

This sounds nice and tidy on paper until you consider the logistics. While a PPLA works, a better way to structure things would be a PPAL:

  • PPAL - Push, pull, arms, legs

Here is the reason for this change.

Push day typically includes the chest, shoulders, and triceps. By removing triceps and moving them to an arm day, we can have a more intense pull day. But, in moving triceps to an arm day it’s better to have a built-in rest day after arms and before the next pull day. Therefore, a PPAL is a better pattern or structure.

With this structure in place, I was able to move a few pieces and parts around the board and create the following split:

  • Push - Shoulders, Chest and Abs
  • Pull - Back, Traps, and Rear Delts
  • Arms - Triceps, Biceps, and Light Chest/Shoulders
  • Legs - Quads, Hammies and Abs


Ask a Question
  • Shrugs 5x5s, is this five rounds of 60-120 sec and adding weight each round or is it 5 rounds with same weight but adding weight next Pull A day?

    One round of 60-120 seconds.

    Shrug 5x5s - Set a timer for 60 to 120 seconds. Perform 5 shrug reps, controlling the eccentric or lowering. After each 5 reps perform a static hold of the barbell for 5 seconds. Continue this pattern until time runs out. Add 5 pounds each session until this exercise feels impossible. Make sure to wear Versa Gripps or straps. We’re not training grip here.

  • Hie i just bought this. If i where to substitute deadlift and regular squats, what would you recommend? Im currently working out with a hernia and awating surgery and those two are the most triggering for pain in the hernia area.

    Email me at I need to know more about your available equipment.

  • with 5 workouts a week how would you structure it? Love the idea of an arm day

    There are many ways to structure it. 2 on, 1 off. 3 on 1 off. Etc.

  • Hi, Which of your programs do you recommend If i only could work out 3-4 days a week. One day training and one day recovery run alternating most weeks. I like bro splits but know that need of a good frequence. Im not a big fan of a sepreate leg day...actually i do Push Rest Pull Rest...with the Runs on rest days. In Push i include squats/quads and deadlifts/ leg curls in Pull. I like your ideas of mixing frequence and splits like these PPAL, but with job and family i cant plan on 4/5 workouts a week, but 3-4... Sorry for the long question ;)

    Probably the upper posterior AB split.

  • Hie is this designed to workout everyday? Currently i have a 3 split program and i workout almost everyday. I just take a day off if i have something else to do or need a day off.

    You can insert rest days as needed. It can be every day. Obviously I recommend 5 days a week to be optimal but it can be run 6 days a week.