MASSIVE IRON Insider - Micro-Training, Master Classes, and MORE!

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NO REFUNDS POLICY - By paying for this service you AGREE to the no refund policy. Access to the private forum grants you access to a library of PDF and digital products. 

NOTE: Once registered look for an EMAIL with instructions on how to register for the FORUM and APP. You MUST use the same email for the app and forum as you did to make this purchase.


Massive Iron Insider - Master Classes, Micro-Training, and MORE!

  • ONE member will receive a $200 personalized supplement stack designed by the Supplement Engineer

Tired of spinning your wheels? Massive Iron’s Steve Shaw has joined forces with the Supplement Engineer Robert Schinetsky to bring you the ULTIMATE COMBINATION of micro-training and master-level guidance and information.

For only $24.99 a month you will receive:

  • Private forum access
  • Super Living private app
  • Micro-coaching - Personalized guidance from Steve Shaw and Robert Schinetsky
  • Complete access to Steve Shaw’s books, workouts, articles, and PDFs for FREE!
  • Private ONCE-A-MONTH member’s only ZOOM private video Q&A with Steve Shaw and Robert Schinetsky
  • TWO new member’s only articles each month from Robert Schinetsky and Steve Shaw

PRIVATE FORUM ACCESS - Access to the Super Living private forum. This is a member’s only community. You will be able to pick the brains of Steve Shaw (Massive Iron) and Robert Schinetsky (The Supplement Engineer) and improve your training, exercise form, nutrition, and supplementation. 

Imagine being able to have Steve Shaw fix your programming for squat form. You can post exercise videos for critique, or general questions on any topic.

The Supplement Engineer is also there to give you the BEST advice on supplements and nutrition.

But that’s not all! The Super Living Private Forum is also an amazing community. You will be able to keep a training journal, follow the training of other members, engage in general and off-topic discussion, and you will have ACCESS to a LIBRARY of WORKOUTS AND ARTICLES by Steve Shaw.

SUPER LIVING APP - The Super Living App provides you with another DIRECT way to communicate and interact with Steve Shaw. The more you use this app, the better Steve Shaw will be able to guide you. This is a PRIVATE APP and only YOU and STEVE SHAW can see your information. You will be able to track:

  • Workouts and PRs
  • Progress photos
  • Weight
  • Nutrition (Auto-connects to My Fitness Pal, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Withings)
  • Sleep
  • Steps
  • Goal compliance
  • Goals and habits
  • MORE!

The Super Living App also allows you to upload and share videos, files, and messages directly to Steve Shaw. You will have 24/7 access to Steve Shaw for questions and assistance. 

This app ALSO houses all of Steve Shaw’s major workout systems. You’ll be able to DROP and DROP any of the popular Massive Iron programs into your profile and give them a try.

Think about it! By tracking your workouts, weight, macros, and photos, Steve Shaw has access to a COMPLETE DATABASE of your information and can help solve problems and guide you much more efficiently.

MICRO-COACHING - Save money on the cost of coaching. You have two avenues to receive help (the private app and forum). Ask exercise and training questions, post exercise form videos, ask the Supplement Engineer about your current supplement stack, or receive personalized nutritional help. This is the FASTEST WAY to get on track without paying a fortune for coaching.

BOOK, WORKOUTS, AND PDF ACCESS - Instead of paying for Steve Shaw’s books and PDFS, they are ALL HERE for FREE.

ZOOM MEETINGS - Join Steve Shaw and Robert Schinetsky for once-a-month PRIVATE, member’s-only ZOOM video meetings.

NEW ARTICLES - Two new members-only articles each from BOTH Robert Schinetsky and Steve Shaw.

MASTER CLASS VIDEOS - Master class videos are a must-see! Each video is at least an hour-long and PACKED with the best possible information on muscle building, strength, nutrition, fat loss, supplements, and MORE. These Master Class videos will be seminar-style and would retail for $49.99 individually. As a MASSIVE IRON INSIDER, they are FREE.


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  • Practically speaking, if I do wanna save cash, I could join as an insider instead of buying books/pdf individually?

    I'm no longer providing the Insider service.

  • Hi Steve, just to clarify, is it a one-time payment of $24.99, or a monthly payment? (so an annual total would be $299.88, for e.g.) Thanks, all the best.

    Insider is $24.99 a month. You get access to micro-coaching and my assistance each month.

  • As a insider I can download the books?


  • Is it possible to build 21 inch arms naturally without gaining fat


  • Is this month to month or is there a minimum commitment requirement?

    No commitment.

  • Can I use paypal for the insider?

    No, sorry.