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Massive Iron by Steve Shaw


This is NOT an E-BOOK. This is a print edition of Massive Iron.


This is an EXPANDED PRINT EDITION of the e-book and contains over 100 pages of new content including the following programs:

  • Massive Iron 6-Week Bench Press Builder
  • 16 Week Bench Press Cycle
  • Massive Iron Bench Press Training Course
  • Brute Force 3-Week Powerbuilding Cycle (HVI Training)
  • The Drunk Russian 5-Day Full Body Workout
  • John Christy 531 Powerbuilding Workout
  • Massive Crap
  • Massive Iron 5x5 Powerbuilding Program
  • Massive Iron A/B Split - Posterior and Upper
  • Massive Iron Push, Pull, Legs Split
  • Massive Ultimate 28-Day Powerbuilding Cycle
  • No-Gym and Limited Home Gym Workouts
  • Power Muscle Block Training Course
  • Barbell and Bodyweight A/B Split
  • 12 Weeks to Better Push-Ups and Pull-Ups
  • How to Peak and Test Your One-Rep Max


Maximize Every Set, Maximize Progress.

This book is for those of you that want to build as much muscle and strength as possible. It is not a bodybuilding or powerlifting book per se, but rather a collection of principles and tools that are meant to help the average lifter exceed their goals.

Consider it a base-building book.

If you simply love training and want to get as big and strong as possible for the heck of it, then this is the book for you. Keep reading.

I just want to thank everyone for their support over the years. As an e-book, Massive Iron has now sold over 10,000 copies. That’s absolutely amazing and unexpected.

Since the time of writing this book I’ve written so many more workouts, and literally produced over 1,000 more YouTube videos. To say my philosophies have evolved is an understatement. 

Note that I have not dramatically changed what I believe, but rather have improved my ability to communicate my beliefs through endless hours of helping others.



Ask a Question
  • Is there an ISBN for this book so it can be ordered in any book store around the world? The shipping is more than the price of the book.Greetings from Germany

    You can only order it at my store.

  • Is this book for bodybuilders doing bro split?

    It's a base building book that shows you how to maximize any program and includes about 20 workouts.

  • Is this a paperback or hardback book?


  • Does this book include the content of the Massive Iron Rep Goal Syste e-book?

    Yes and a lot of additional content not in the original e-book.

  • Will the current e-book version of Massive Iron be updated to this one?

    I am considering offering an e-book version. Stay tuned.

  • Those of us that purchased this in the pre-sale, when will we be receiving ours ? I believe it was a set of three books.

    There was no pre-sale for this book. I offered a pre-sale for Massive Strength and that will be out next month.

  • Hello, Which program in this book would you recommend for a cut? 5’8 225 would like to get to 180-200 At hopefully 20 percent body fat at the most. I am a late beginner/intermediate. Also is there a Preferred program for a maintenance or slow bulk faze? Thank You!

    You can use any workout on a cut. A cut is 99% diet and calorie deficit. I would probably use an upper/posterior or upper/lower as a starting point.