Massive Iron Bulking PDF - Bulk the Right Way!

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NOTE: This is a PDF. Total word count is around 14,484.

I want you to take a moment and think about the most horrific bulking story you’re ever heard.

“Last time I bulked I gained 37 pounds in 4 months. Never again!”

We’ve all heard tales like this. In fact, train long enough and you probably have a story like this.

The word bulk is generally feared mostly because the majority of us are bulking incorrectly. Somehow we think, because food is hyper-anabolic, that we can somehow pack on mountains of mass while consuming a mountain of pizza, donuts, or even chicken and rice at every meal.

The Massive Iron Bulking Method

It's time to bulk properly! The Massive Iron Bulking method teaches you how to bulk at least 80% of the year and to IMPROVE your body composition.

It's time to move past the ineffective concepts of recomping, maingaining, or maintaining. Massive Iron Bulking is a more intelligent way of improving your body composition while remaining in a calorie surplus. 

No magic. No sense. Just intelligent designed bulking plans for everyone.

The PDF explains:

  • How to bulk if you're 10-50 pounds overweight - An extended plan to help you tame the belly fat and man boobs and transform it into a muscular and lean(er) physique. 
  • How to bulk and stay at your current weight. Like the weight you're at but want to improve your body composition. Here's how!
  • How to bulk and gain weight without getting fat. Gain weight the right way and that that skinny fat, or just skinny physique and pack on muscle without adding fat.

Bonus Materials Included

  • How to determine calories for your fat cutting diet
  • How to train while losing fat
  • How to find your calorie maintenance level
  • The 2-month plan to change your lifestyle - A guide for those struggling with weight gain
  • 5 lessons I learned from my 100-pound body transformation
  • A modified fasting plan for big eaters
  • A complete guide to natural muscle mass potential - Including arm size potential


Ask a Question
  • Hi Steve, I bought the book. I am in the- want to gain weight -group. Which macros do you suggest for the gaining phase as well as the for the mini cut?

    I would start with about 170-180 grams of protein per day, no lower than 150, and as high as 200-220 if you enjoy protein. Fats should be in the 25-30% range, and fill in the gaps with carbs,

  • Hey Steve, is there a training program included? Darren from Ireland

    No. This is only about proper bulking. Check out the "workout" section. I have a ton of ideas starting at $9.99.