Massive Iron A/B Split - Posterior and Upper

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I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately about my approach to programming A/B splits. For starters, I prefer the following A/B approach:

  • Upper workouts - Chest, Shoulders, and arms
  • Posterior-focused workouts -  Back and legs

Add in calves and abs as you feeling necessary and required.

This can be performed four days a week or as a flexible schedule. When using a flexible schedule simply rotate between workouts, inserting rest days as needed. I STRONGLY recommend taking a rest day BEFORE your Posterior B workout. Allow your biceps to recovery a bit before attempting deadlifts.

A quality 4-day schedule would look something like thing:

  • Monday - Upper A
  • Tuesday - Posterior A
  • Wednesday - OFF
  • Thursday - Upper B
  • Friday Posterior B
  • Saturday - OFF
  • Sunday - OFF


Ask a Question
  • Does this require going to a gym - using machines etc. - or (my preference) using my basic garage gym (power rack, barbell, dumbbells). I am just getting past the ‘beginner” phase of getting back into lifting. Thanks

    Most of my programs use very few machines. If they do the swaps are easy. I could make suggestions for you if you decide this is the right plan.

  • Is this program primarily focused on strength? Also is it targeted to more intermediate lifters?

    All of my programs are powerbuilding - for both strength and muscle. It is a great choice for beginner to intermediate.