Massive Iron 6-Week Bench Press Builder

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Bench press obsessed. That pretty much sums up every male on the planet, and perhaps a few ladies as well.

Over the years I’ve put together more than a few longer cycles. 12 weeks. 16 weeks. Even 26 weeks, I believe. With this bench press builder, I wanted to put together something that would really push you hard for four weeks - perhaps nearly overreaching - and then back off a bit for two weeks. 

What is overreaching? The dictionary definition is “reaching too far.” The lifting definition is basically pushing yourself close to overtraining for a short period of time, the resting to allow fatigue to rescind, and allow performance to shine. 

You will be training four days a week. Make sure to strap on the feedbag while running this program. I do not advocate attempting this program at maintenance calories, or while in a cut. 

Depending on how you feel, and the recovery demands, consume an extra 250 to 400 calories per day. If you’re on the skinnier side of things, maybe bump that to 500-600 more daily calories.

Here is a sample schedule:

  • Day 1 - Bench Heavy
  • Day 2 - Legs & Back (Deadlift-Focus)
  • Day 3 - OFF
  • Day 4 - Bench Volume
  • Day 5 - Legs & Back (Squat-Focus)
  • Day 6 - OFF
  • Day 7 - OFF



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  • Hello my name is esteban and I bought this program and I put in the email address wrong so how can I get access to the purchase

    Hi Esteban. Email the order number and correct email to:

  • Hi Steve, I do have the bench press course which also has a 6 week program in it. Is this the same? Thanks, Bert

    Yes sir.