Massive Iron 4 Main Progression Approaches TOOL PDF

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This is a one-page reference PDF that features all four of the primary Massive Iron Progression approaches:

  • Straight sets
  • Bulldozer rest-pause sets
  • The "3s" progression approach
  • The Rep Gal Total approach

Refine your training and improve your results with these progression approaches.





Ask a Question
  • I'm currently running a Squat program to improve my technique in conjunction with a Powerlift program that focuses on deadlift, bench press & shoulder press. The premise of the Squat program is a 5TRM (technical rep max) & increases # of reps over 9 weeks. After this, I would like to run a program to increase my squat strength (I would combine it with another program that also targets upper body if the squat program itself does not). Would this be a suitable option?

    These are only progression options and not a complete program.

  • I haven’t worked out in around a year and half. Looking for a program to start out with

    Chest out the Upper/Posterior I have. It's a solid, well-roudned workout.