Massive Iron 2 Day Workout PDF

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I receive quite a few requests for 2-day per week training options. This variation can be performed either twice a week or by lifting every third day.

If you work this program hard you can get a lot of mileage out of it. There is a good mix of challenging exercises and built-in progression.

Each day features about 16 sets, including the extra work thrown in from supersets. It’s as balanced as it can be for a more bare-bones style of programming.

I think most of you will find this plan to be a bit more challenging than expected. Take the instructions seriously. If you aren’t pushing exercises as instructed your body will quickly adapt to the training demands and you won’t build much muscle.

Good luck and get to work!


Ask a Question
  • Can I do some sprinting on two off/alternate days? Just 20 minutes total per sprint session. 15 minute warm up jog and 5 sprinting.

    Yes. The only thing that will stop progress is inconsistency and lack of progression.

  • Do you recommend actually splitting this program with a 3 day interval, or can I run it 2 consecutive days? Job makes any consistency for a split program problematic.

    2 days in a row probably wouldn't be 100% optimal but if that's all you could do then you could still get a lot out of it.