Massive Double Progression Workout

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Massive Double Progression (MDP) is a system of training best used by late beginners to intermediates. It is meant to be a solid option for those of you that have established a track record of consistency with training and nutrition and just want a reasonably safe, “grind-it-out” type of program.

MDP is not easy. Let’s not make this assumption. In fact, at least 50% of your sets will be pushed for as many safe reps as possible. With that said, you’ll be bouncing back and forth between two and three sets per exercise as you progress to provide a minor micro form of volume periodization.

This also makes MDP a solid choice for the “seasoned” lifter, the individual over 30 that needs slightly less time in the gym and doesn’t require a ton of bells and whistles.


  • A/B Split
  • 4-Day Split
  • 5-Day Split w/Optional Arm Day


Ask a Question
  • Maybe stupid question, what is an A/B split? Is just a 2 split?

    It's a split like this:

    Workout A: Chest, Shoulders, Arms
    Workout B: Legs, Back

  • How many sets do you progress to before you add weight?

    When you reach the rep goal on the third set you add weight and return to two sets.