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A look at Massive Crap by Steve Shaw

Massive Crap is my version of DC Training or Doggcrapp Training. You’ll be working hard, pushing for progressive, and likely very sore. Do NOT underestimate this form of rest-pause training.


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  • On the rps, add weight during the rest or use same weight throughout mini sets and add like 5lbs a week?

    Use the same weight. If you trigger the weight addition, add it on the next workout.

  • Hey Steve, I downloaded the Massive Crap workout but there wasn't an article also. Cheers.

    That is the article. Sorry for any confusion. IT's a small article because it's an accompaniment to the video, which is free on my channel.

  • Just bought this workout, what’s your recommendation for progress? Is it a certain rep goal? Really like the look of it and just want to know before I start it! Thanks

    It depends on each exercise. For example, if you are doing barbell rows you may decide to aim for 25 or 30 total reps.  You may also decide to add weight when you reach 10+ reps on the first set.

  • Would this template work as a twice a week rotation/split? Thanks!

    Yes, you could lower the frequency as long as there was a solid focus on progression.