Massive Business Accelerator - MBA Challenge

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Dates: Thursday April 25th through Sunday April 28th

Note: You will be added to the private group for this master class business challenge once you sign up.

This is a four-day Massive Business Accelerator masterclass challenge and webinar. Each day will feature 2 hours of LIVE webinar and Q&A content hosted by Steve Shaw from Massive Iron.

This is a complete A to Z business building Master Class for anyone looking to expand into the online coaching and fitness content world. Steve Shaw presents a completely comprehensive look into everything you need to know, from how to pick a website host, to how to handle recurring payments, building your brand, finding your passion and purpose, client acquisition, how to structure products and services, and how to construct content that builds a community around your passion.

You will learn how to do your own graphic design on a dime, how to easily construct YouTube videos and social media reels, how to focus your social media content so it isn't just noise; so that it reaches those that you are trying to reach.

Brand building will involve exploring your unique gifts and talents and how to structure your entire business around your strengths. This is not cookie cutter information; everything we do in this masterclass will be built around you and your unique perspective.

This business accelerator challenge will dive deep into client acquisition, detailing how to find those that are out there searching for your products and services. You will learn how to build a community, how to effortlessly find leads, and how to win interest through quality content and not sales/marketing techniques and tactics.

Finally, you'll learn how to structure products and coaching services; courses and educational PDFs that will allow you to work for yourself and build the business you want to build.

Understand that hard work is involved. There is no magic in quick path.

With that said, this masterclass accelerates the process and eliminates all the endless mistakes typically made by those trying to build an online coaching business.

Each webinar day will feature in-depth and comprehensive explorations of the topics needed to construct and grow your business. There's no time limit on any of these days and there will be a live Q&A at the end of each session.

Do not worry if you miss a session or can't view the entire days training live. You will have access to each day's video and a private community where you can ask questions, explore topics, and get one-on-one help from Steve Shaw after the seminar videos have been completed.


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