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Welcome to team Massive Iron and the Super Living Family

Get big. Get strong. Get fit.

Team Massive Iron is a unique way to receive help and reach your goals. 

Whether your goals are to build muscle, gain strength, lose fat, improve your health, improve your conditioning, or just to get involved with a great group of people that will help provide support, accountability, and positive guidance, this is a perfect opportunity.

Consider Team Massive Iron to be one part coaching and one part community. By joining, you will gain access to a private server that features support groups, exercise form help, workout guidance, nutrition and fat loss help, and so much more. 

All run by Steve Shaw.

Your questions will NOT be answered by a team. Instead, you’ll be able to seek form help, accountability, and be able to ask questions directly to Steve Shaw.

Joining TEAM MASSIVE IRON only involves a one-time cost. From there, you gain access to the benefits on an ongoing basis. Team Massive is truly perfect for anyone. Here are the benefits and services you receive with your membership:

  • PRIVATE MEMBER’S ONLY SERVER - All communications will be private and between members only. All interactions are moderated and conversations are kept troll-free, mature, and respectful.
  • GROUPS FOR EVERY NEED - Strength building, muscle building, fat loss support, ladies only, “the locker room,” for off topic, recipes and nutrition, an ask BHUD group, form assistance groups for each major lift, and more!
  • 4 FREE PDF E-BOOKS - Massive Iron, Muscle and Brawn Archives, the Bench Press Course, and the Power, Muscle, Block course.
  • ASK BHUD - That’s me. In this group you can ask me direct questions and get the help and guidance you need. It’s like having me in your pocket whenever you need help.
  • DM BHUD - Don’t want to post on the open group? You have the capability to DM me at any time for advice.
  • FIONA’S FEMALE ONLY GROUP - Ladies only! Talk about weight loss, body transformation,. Strength training, running, off topic.
  • FORM CHECKS - Get form help straight from the source. You are allowed to post a video for each major lift once a week.
  • WORKOUT CUSTOMIZATION - Improve your workouts and ask workout-specific questions. Get the best results now. NOTE: This is not a complete workout design service. 
  • COACHING UPGRADE - Any member can upgrade to coaching and get the first month FREE.
  • STRENGTH TEAM - A group for strength fanatics. A part of this group - I will also help members prepare for powerlifting meets
  • MUSCLE BUILDING TEAM - A group for muscle heads.
  • STORE SAVINGS - 20% off all PDFs, workouts, books, t-shirts, and more in the store.
  • MEMBERS ONLY VIDEOS - Frequent member’s only Q&A videos.
  • MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLES - Frequent members only articles.
  • RUNNING GROUP - Talk running, including free running plans - couch to 5k, 10k, 50k.
  • MEMBER OF THE MONTH - Each month we’ll pick a member of the month that will receive free stuff.
  • MONTHLY GROUP CHALLENGES - Each month we’ll have a group challenge; anything from push-ups to 20-rep squats to 10ks.

Do not wait! Join the TEAM TODAY!


Ask a Question
  • I assume it’s $25 for 4 months and that’s it. Access for life?

    Correct. Access for life.

  • I saw your recent video and I'm one of the men at 60-70%. You described me perfectly. I've learned a lot on my own but I feel like I need more specific guiding/coaching now. I've never been coached so I'm sure my form and diet need lots of work. I feel like your muscle strength coaching for the 3 month minimum would be better suited for me. What are your thoughts on the Muscle Strength coaching vs this Team Massive Iron group? Thanks.

    We can get so much more with coaching and the good benefit is that if you feel in a good place Team Massive comes FREE with coaching. If after 3 months you are in a good spot you can check in on Team Massive with general questions.

  • You mentioned your coaching clients get it for free? Is that still happening and does that include micro coaching clients?

    It will, yes

  • Is there a monthly fee for someone who wants to join team massive for a month to check it out?

    Yes. It's only $4.99. We have to keep it 100% gated to keep it clean.