John Christy 531 Powerbuilding Workout

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A look at John Christy's 531 by Steve Shaw

Perhaps the original 531 program, this three-week cycle features much I like and a few things I would change.

Take a detailed look at John Christy's two and three-day-per-week workouts. Also included are a few changes I would make to increase volume, balance, and results. 


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  • I am a 74 year old that is looking to get back to powerlifting after being a caregiver for the past three years. (My wife died in 2019 just prior to Covid) I have built and amassed a goodly amount of weights and built a pulley system for lat pull downs and tricep work. I would like to train all three lifts with the focus on bench and deadlift although I purchased a safety squat bar so I could do squats. What program or programs would you suggest

    I'd actually like to coach you one-on-one if you'd consider it. Talk with you and design a program from scratch. Let me know if you're interested. Send me a text at 513-649-2666. Thanks.