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Flex Calorie Dieting by Steve Shaw.

Lose weight without losing your mind.

Flex calorie dieting is simple. First, you aim to hit a daily calorie goal, which will help you to lose weight efficiently without saving as much of your hard-earned muscle mass as possible. This will assist you to not just lose fat, but also to look your best when the extra fat is off.

Losing weight too rapidly typically involves not only fat loss, but also the loss of valuable muscle mass. This is the mistake most over-eager dieters make. Once the weight is off, they look skinny but flabby. Their body is far from having that sleek, sexy, fit look they are after.

Second, you are also given a certain number of “flex calories” each week. This amount can range from 500 to 1200 calories per week, depending on your metabolism, degree of cravings, and eating habits.

These calories can come from ANY food or drink sources. And I mean anything. Beer or wine. Junk food. Fast food. Candy. Whatever.

By allotting yourself a weekly amount of flex calories, you can “live a little.” You can save these calories for a birthday party, family barbecue, a romantic dinner, a night of drinking with friends, general cravings, or whatever.

If you don’t feel like eating junk, you can simply use your flex calories on more clean foods. Either way, your weekly flex calories MUST be eaten, They are built into your weekly caloric intake goals and are essential to a proper rate of weight loss.


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  • Hi perhaps you can help me I was wondering how do I get a Slimmer waist lean muscle mass without deadlifts and squats I have a bad back when I do not want to mess that up again. Any information or books videos that can help me get started I am 48 years old I'm down to 2:31 but I have flab and want to get more composition. Thank you in advance best Michael

    Hi Michael,

    My best advice is to let me do a diet assessment. I can refine your eating plan and help you to maximize the process.