Deuces - A Massive Iron Workout

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In the powerbuilding realm we often get trapped into two boring ruts:

  1. The rut of three sets per exercise.
  2. The rut of straight sets with no built-in variation.

The program - “Deuces” - was designed to break free from the same old, same old ruts and present familiar exercises in a new and challenging way.

The program is called deuces because it alternates between:

  • Two sets per exercise
  • Two exercises in a superset

It’s a straight-forward program, but very fun and challenging. A couple of notes:

The body part split is very familiar in nature. Fans of the “bro split” will enjoy this nice twist.

The A/B split is unique as well. “Upper A” focused on heavy chest compounds while “Upper B” focuses on heavy shoulder compounds. Similarly, “Posterior A” will really work your legs with big-hitters while “Posterior B” features deadlifts, dumbbell rows, and even machine rows. It’s not an easy session.

You’ll notice there is no full-body option. It was difficult to squeeze this style of programming into three full-body sessions. With that said, the A/B split provides a perfect combination of challenge and frequency.

Please note that the A/B split can also be run as a flexible schedule. Simply rotate between the four workouts inserting rest days as needed. You could work out as few as two days a week or as many as five days depending on your schedule and recovery.



Ask a Question
  • I have barbells, dumbbells and upright cables for lats/triceps etc. No seated cable row, leg pres, extension/curls. I so have a landmine. Will this equipment e good enough for this program? Thanks in advance.

    For most exercises, you'll be fine. If you need swaps you can DM me on Instagram and I'd be glad to help!

  • How days a week is the program? Is there a certain rpe?

    Three or four days a week.

    RPE... I don't do RPE system. I use a progression approach I designed.