Bulldozer Training Workout Course

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Bulldozer Training workout course by Steve Shaw 

Bulldozer training is one of the oldest systems of training I've created but it was time for an upgrade.

In this PDF course I took the bones of the original Bulldozer Training system and fused them into a potent muscle building system.

Included in this course:

  • Detailed explanation of how to use Bulldozer Training mini-sets
  • AB Upper/Posterior 3-4 day-per-week workout
  • 4-Day Body Part Split
  • Original Bulldozer Training article - Circa 2008
  • Old school 3 day, 4 day, and mini-dozer workout
  • UPGRADED 3 and 4 day splits 

    NOTE: This is a course and not a full book. It is 71 pages and contains sample workouts and is 12,163 words in length.


    Ask a Question
    • I trained solidly for about 6 years but gave up about 10 years ago because I barely made any gains (diet was nailed and tried god knows how many training routines and paid for coaching, both online & in person) - I started training again about 10 months ago but again, not much is happening in the way of strength or mass other than fat. Would this routine be suited to me?

      Yes. I would also consider. I'll make sure you succeed. The program wasn't the problem. Someone didn't have you on the right path.

    • 1. Do you need full gym equipment, or does barbell/bench/rack suffice? 2. Is it a beginner, intermediate or advanced program? Thanks!

      Bulldozer Training can be done with really any equipment. I used to do it with just barbell and dumbbell exercises. The PDF has a lot of examples and I can help with swaps if needed.

      This isn't a beginner style of training.

    • Do the sample workouts have whole workouts or are they just examples of how to integrate bulldozer sets into your workouts?

      Complete workouts.