Brute Force 3-Week Powerbuilding Cycle (HVI Training)

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HVI - Heavy. Volume. Intensity.

Most of my programs are what I call “powerbuilding” routines. The focus is on getting as big and as strong as humanly possible - and that means from head to toe.

This program takes me back to my routes a bit. It’s more bodybuilding - or rather, hypertrophy - centered. Sure, the focus is still on strength AND muscle but this program is a bit more well-rounded compared to some of the more minimalistic routines that have flooded this industry.

I’m going to present to you a three-week cycle. Each week will have a slightly different focus and it’s own unique progression approach. Basically, we’ll be cycling between lower-rep heavier work, volume work, and finally some streamlined workouts that involve a few intensity techniques. Here’s the structure:

  • Week 1 - Heavier, low-rep work
  • Week 2 - Volume work, moderate weight
  • Week 3 - Intensity work

I’m going to include variations for:

  • Full body
  • A/B split (frequency training)
  • Body part split



Ask a Question
  • Hi Steve, can this program be run multiple times or do you recommend moving to a different program after completion?

    You can run this as long as you'd like.

  • Is it a routine for beginners, intermediate, advanced?

    Anyone beyond the first 3-4 months of training with a good understanding of form will be OK.

  • Do you have a push pull legs program

    I don't believe I have a public one. I make a lot for my clients.

  • Hi Steve, just bought your program - thank you, cannot wait! Everything is spelled out neatly but Im unsure as how to approach rest periods between sets?

    Rest intuitively. When you feel mentally and physically ready to go again get after it. Just don't rush.

  • Hey Steve. A how many days split would your cycle be? Best greetings from Germany, Dreisen Amon

    This is a program that is run three days each week.