Bench Press Workout Course

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Bench Press workout course by Steve Shaw

Build a big and beefy bench press using this course from Steve Shaw. Workouts included are:

  • 5-10-15 Bench Press Program
  • 20 Rep Bench Press Program
  • Savage 10 Bench Press Program
  • 6 Week Bench Press Peaking Program
  • 1-2-3-4-5 Bench Press Program
  • 3/10 NLP Bench Press Program
  • Triples, Doubles, Singles
  • 10 Week Bench Press Peaking Program
  • Next Level 5x5 Bench Press Program
  • 20 Week, 3 Phase Bench Press Program
  • Ultimate 16 Week Bench Press Program
  • Bench Press Blackout Challenge
  • 20 Day Bench Press Program

Also included are bench press strength standards for men and women.

    NOTE: This is a course and not a full book. It contains sample workouts and is 5,027 words in length.


    Ask a Question
    • Are other body parts, such as legs and back included with all the different programs?

      There are a lot of different workouts in this course so it varies. If you need help I'd be glad to send you some other PDFs for free.

    • How long of a rest between sets on the 10 to 50 routine

      Rest until you feel both mentally and physically ready to go again. Generally anywhere from 2-3 minutes, but a little longer if you are feeling a little slow that day.

    • How many times a week or month should you do the 10-50 Bench program?

      Once per week.

    • Is this a Digital book. For down load. Thanks

      Yes, it's a digital product.

    • Is this similar to your Massive Big Bench?

      No. This contains many different programs and articles on benching.